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2010-12-18, 02:30 PM

Practitioner of Caedo

"Do not be scared of death, Do not mourn the dead, Understand death."
-Practitioner of Caedo


Caedo is the art of killing. It's not the art of how to kill, it teaches it's practitioners both how to comprehend death and use that knowledge. People who train in Caedo are taught strong morals and philosophy, the physical training can only start once practitioners fully understand death and its reprecussions. Caedo doesnt only teach attacks to kill though. It has an equal amount of gruesome and deadly attacks.

BaB: +3
Alignment: Any non-chaotic.
Skills: Sense Motive +4, Concentration +4
Feats:Improved Unarmed Strike

Class Features:

HD: d10

Class Skills:
Balance (dex), Climb (str), Concentration (con), Diplomacy (cha), Excape Artist (dex), Listen (wis), Move Silently (dex), Search (int), Tumble (dex).

Skill Points: 4+ int mod

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+0|Principles, Strikes, Special Attack


+1|Pressure Points, Special Attack


+1|Special Attack [/table]

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A menacing manor gains no weapon or armour proficiencies.

Principles: A Caedo is practised in 4 main principles of combat. Controlling, Striking, Blocking and Sensitivity .

At first level a Practitioner of Caedo gains two strikes and one every level after. A strike is the most basic attack ussually made with your open palm, fist, foot, shin, knee, elbow, head, forearm, inner elbow, shoulder, fingers, heel or any other bodily implement.

Straight Jab: The Practitioner of Caedo makes a single forward strike. The attack deals regular unarmed damage but gains a bonus to attack equal to your HD and has a 10% chance per level to consider the target flatfooted against the attack.

Flying Knee: A Practitioner of Caedo jumps in the air DC 5 and spins slamming his knee into they're opponent. This attack deals 1d10 + str mod damage. For every 5 points the Practitioner of Caedo beats his jump check by theres a 25% chance of the opponent being rendered unconcious.

Hook: A Practitioner of Caedo deals regular unarmed damage + (Str mod x HD).

360 Kick: A Practitioner of Caedo makes a jump check DC 10 and then an attack. This attack deals 1d12 damage + (2xstr mod) and the creature must make a fort save DC 10 +PoC level +Str mod or be knocked prone for a number of rounds equal to the PoC's level.

Elbow: The PoC makes a devastating attack with their elbow causing regular unarmed damage following it with a bleed effect doing as much damage as was dealt by the initial attack.