View Full Version : Looking for a Webcomic Artist

2010-12-18, 07:19 PM
Hello everyone! I would just like to introduce myself, my screen name is Shadowysilence. I have been a playgrounder for a few weeks now and I just came to the realization that there are many incredible artists lurking around here.

Some internet buddies and I have been working on a story for almost a year that has been written in a free-flowing PbP style (the game was run almost like a D&D game but without die rolling, we just simply made up the story). The story is completely written by those who played and is at times funny and at times very serious. We have gone through an entire story arc and the topic of turning our story into a webcomic came up. After some discussion we all thought it would be a interesting idea. Currently the GM of the game has posted an ad on the website but we aren't getting much luck finding anyone. If you are interested please post a link to some of your art on this page (or PM me if you would like) and I will get back to you. If you have any questions just post them here or PM me.

P.S. To see the story go to this link: