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2010-12-25, 07:07 AM
So, I have this campaign running which began with the PCs getting their hands on much more loot than I expected and buying a mansion with it. I've been using the previous owner of the mansion as well as its varied staff (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=178170)*) as plot hooks.

Currently, the campaign is revolving around an ancient ocean temple which is really ancient burial ground for mermaids (http://www.addixion.net/Jokes/1084633315_mermaid.jpg) who are really Zoras (http://www.zeldauniverse.net/images/games/tww/characters/laruto.png) who are really Deep (http://www.cthulhumud.com/racepictures/deepones.jpg) Ones (http://www.elfwood.com/art/m/i/mindsiphon/deepone.jpg) who worship Jabu Jabu (http://www.zeldawiki.org/images/1/18/Jabujabu.jpg) who is really Father Dagon. (http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo198/Shockee/dagon-1.jpg)

The system I'm using is Lamentations of the Flame Princess. (http://www.lotfp.com/RPG/about) In the case you need to see the magic rules, they're available for free as a .pdf - they also double as all the game has in terms of loot creation rules.

As you should guess by now, there's no set mood to the thing. It goes from silly to serious to utter soul-crushing horror depending on my whim. The setting itself is pretty serious, though - the funny bits mostly come from player actions and reactions.

Currently, I have few problems I want help with. First is deciding and designing the Deep Ones if/when the PCs are forced to fight them. I'll be using Clerics and Elves as a chassis for them, but I'd like help regarding what spells they should have prepared and what special qualities (if any) they should have.

Second is deciding what sort of rewards to give to the PCs. They're already drowning in coinage - I'm hoping I can make them sink it all in a ship (har har) - but separating them from their precious cash has proven to be somewhat... difficult.

Kinds of things I'm not going to give them:

Equipment, whether mundane or magical; the group has perfectly legitimate ways of increasing AC etc. by spending money. They just haven't grasped the concept of optimizing their equipment yet.

Things I'm considering giving them:

Libraries, laboratories, scrolls, potions, holy water etc. - bought with their own, hard-earned cash, of course. **)
Retainers - see the thread about the mansion staff.
Knowledge of new spells etched into the stone structures of the temple, to transcribe into their spellbooks (again, costing some of their funds)

I'm also looking forth to give them some ancient relics, magical items and art objects, but am at loss as to what they should be. Can you come up with something for me? I'm looking for stuff that:

Can't be directly or easily sold for money.
Can serve as future plothooks.
Won't have immediatly apparent uses for adventuring and/or combat.
Will require effort to move from place to place and/or will require considerable money to be transported.
Whether beneficial or malignant, is something that the player characters would prefer to keep around.

Power level is irrelevant - there are no such things as "balance" or "WBL". I don't care whether it's Sting or Stormbringer, a wedding band or the One Ring I "bless" my PCs with. :smallamused:

The group consists of one fighter, one cleric, one specialist, two dwarfs and two magic-users. They're between levels 2 and 5.

*) I'm still one guard, one laborer and two maids short - if you have ideas, please share. If you previously submitted a character, I'm happy to tell their fate as well. :smallbiggrin:
**) What, you didn't think I was just going to give those to them? Oh no, they'll be building and crafting and paying every item according to the magic rules.

2010-12-26, 04:07 PM
Well, it's in an Ancient Underwater Temple, so we can always do the Crown of Evron, an ancient Zora I played once for gags a Deep One from long ago. The Crown was hexed by his brother, who mysteriously vanished. It's badly cursed as well. Like, no good stat bonuses or anything. Unfortunately, after you touch it, you can't get rid of it. It reappears near you, no matter what.

Unless you complete the quest hook.

In addition, take the Trident. Say its a "mysterious trident from the unknown depths," the Trident has crap stats or whatever, but in the middle of the temple, put a nice pedestal. Mention it casually in the beginning, and put the trident somewhere in the middle, taken by the Generic Monster of The Week. The Trident, after taken, can be placed in the pedestal, flooding the temple. Unfortunately, the Trident, after activated, glows mysteriously, and becomes a cursed item attached to one of your PCs. This allows for a random nemesis to desperately crave the Trident, creating an entire plotline.

Also, making the Trident able to carry around easily (IE: become an amulet), but when used becomes too large to use.

2010-12-26, 08:07 PM
Okay, first off, what is this I don't even...

Secondly, here's some ideas just off the top of my head. Since you mentioned something about The Little Mermaid, I'm thinking maybe an Ursula-like NPC: A monstrous octopus creature of slick black scales that can make you sell your (insert something important) here for (something you want here), who can also turn into a sultry seductress given certain circumstances.

A sort of luminescent creature...I'm thinking with lots of coral-like scales. In fact, something covered in coral would be nice.

Possibly a creature made of barnacles.

As for items...how about a luminescent sea creature symbiote? One that can allow you to cast certain spells that would drive you insane?

2010-12-26, 08:47 PM
So... a pet squid? That's a good idea. Maybe a mindreading jellyfish, to boot.

Hmmm... my players already adopted a wererat masquerading as a little girl to their household. You got me wondering if they'd accept a living mermaid as a trophy...

2010-12-26, 09:04 PM
...Okay, here's an idea. How about a series of places called the Springs of Dagon, a series of "fountains" of mana or energy that can be used as a sort of boost to the characters. They could buy the first one by accident, having already been mostly dried when they bought it. The boost could be in the form of ideas for consumables, spells, or just plain old stat boosts. Or, it could be mutations...

Which leads me to NPCs again! There could be priests with horrid mutations trying to guard these places.

Also, underneath the Springs could be a series of laboratories or libraries.

2010-12-26, 09:10 PM
*looks at campaign notes*

Well, I do have this map of a meteor crater / underwater temple thing lying unused. I can see tying it up to the greater adventure by placing hints of its location to the ocean temple.

Curiously enough, I seem to have put a blue dragon there, so the name for the Springs might become quite literal indeed...

Since my players are keen of bottling up every liquid they find, I think I can make it so the water acts as potion of Cure Light Wounds or similar. Alternatively, I'll make it acts as poison. (Yay! Sudden death in a bottle!)