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An Enemy Spy
2010-12-30, 03:10 AM
OK, I am very tired right now and not thinking very clearly. But I am working on templates for turning the Covenant races from Halo into D&D races that can be used as characters.
What I put down here is but a skeletal layout of what the race would be. I would love input on how I could improve these for actual play, and will almost certainly add your ideas to the template.
Right here is the basic preliminary design for a Sangheili, or Elite as they are more commonly known. I don't know when the other races will be up.

Medium Humanoid
+2 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Wis.
+2 Fort, +2 Ref,
Speed: 40ft.
+4 Jump, Tumble, Intimidate.
+2 Hide, Move Silently
-2 Climb
+1 Attack bonus against humans.
Sangheili treat the Sangheili Double Blade as a martial weapon
Favored Class: Fighter

Sangheili Double Blade (Exotic One-Handed Melee Weapon)
Dmg: 1d10 Slashing or 2d6 Piercing
Critical: 18-20/x2
Please help me improve it.

2010-12-30, 04:46 PM
To be honst I think this is far too pwerful for a none LA race.
I think this ought to be at least +2 LA with all the stat bonuses and only a meager -2 wis penaly.
I reckon it should also have a -4 cha penalty to help balance it into maybe +1LA.

And could you please, please please. In future if you mention a weapon a race gets familiarity with put down all the infomation on it not just a slap-dash damage.

An Enemy Spy
2010-12-30, 04:54 PM
I forgot to put down the LA. Honestly, I didn't know what it should be. And why would it have a CHA penalty? I've never seen or read anything suggesting Elites would have low Charisma.
My D&Dfu is weak. What exactly am I supposed to put down for weapon info?
Talk to me like you would a complete and total idiot who is wearing his pants on his head because he thinks that's where they go.

2010-12-31, 04:41 PM
Hey everyone, I've been lurking the forums here for a while when I saw this.
Luckily a member of my D&D crew is obsessed with Xbox shooters, so he has asked me how Elites and such might work in D&D.

Consider the personality of most Elites. They are pretty easily enraged, and an inability to control your temper could be considered a Charisma penalty. Also, in Halo cannon they've spent a very long time basically serving the prophets if I'm not mistaken. Plus, they don't exactly get along perfect with the other races of the Covenant...

Edit: Also I am not sure about a -4 charisma, I almost think it would be better to have a +2 Dex modifier rather then a +4. Then Charisma would only have to be a -2. Although, that's only really for balancing. Honestly, even an average elite is pretty tough compared to a human. I'd want to keep it something like LA 1, but that's just me.

2010-12-31, 04:47 PM
Uhm. Not exactly what you want, but this (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Races_(Halo_Supplement)) might help you in the long run.

2010-12-31, 05:03 PM
I don't see the point of a bonus to hide an move silently. Camo elites will have equipment but they're still pretty loud. And stronger yes, but without shields they take about the same amount of shots as a marine bfeore they die. So I'd drop the Con bonus as well.

2010-12-31, 05:21 PM
Marines have more health then is reasonable for balance issues. Consider that an unshielded Spartan soldier in heavy armor takes one spartan punch or one DMR shot to kill in Halo: Reach, while a Marine takes two. It's really more for game play purposes then for an attempt at realism. According to Halo canon an elite is physically more then a match for even a well trained marine in all aspects.

I agree about the stealth stuff. Regular Elites don't really do a lot of sneaking. Elites can have a stealth class if it's necessary to have them sneak around I imagine the Special Operations Elite receive a lot of special training. Otherwise, there isn't much of a reason to have them get a bonus to hide. MAYBE move silently.

2010-12-31, 06:04 PM
Well...While making them more reasonable to actually play as a PC is a noble goal, it kinda ignores how 'mechanically' strong Sangheili are.

For starters they're probably large sized, or more likely have powerful build. They're noted to be very strong (in fact, slightly stronger even than Spartan IIs), agile, and tough; I'm not so sure about their mental attributes. Should have low-light vision, though maybe not dark vision.

I'm not sure if they should be getting a bonus against Humans, as they seem to beat up others just as well (just not as commonly, due to plot). Maybe an initiative bonus, due to their life-long military training?

So....say Powerful build, +4 Str, Dex, Con, +1 Initiative, low-light vision...
Move speed is good, Tumble bonus makes sense, though intimidate is subsumed in large size, and jump is from the move speed (unless of course, you want them to be really good at it).

I'm not positive on the ability score adjustments (and what penalties they should have, if any), but that's my 2 cp.