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2010-12-31, 08:40 AM
Hey Yall fellas? Ever Had any Good Ideas that you Just couldn't Finish or Put into action? Scared that they will just Be Forgotten? Well not anymore! Write em Down Here so somebody else can use them (Web comic, Cam-pain etc)

Here is one of Mine:

The Setting is "EARTH" 1,002,051. A time traveler From the year 3,011 enters this brave new earth to find it Overrun with everything. Seriously, Every single apocalypse that could happen Happened. Aliens have invaded, Zombies, Demons, Overpopulation, Monkies, Plants , Robots ect. But seemingly all have been defeated. Little Remnants of each roam the earth in search of stuff to ruin. Humans (Or The Closest we can think of humans at this age) live in a single city (In a Force Field). And Its fifties style with the stereotypes and all.