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2011-01-01, 10:14 PM
Sorry for the lack of information; but I've been trying to find this module for a while with no success.

I don't remember what its called, but heres what I remember. Its been a while, so forgive me.

1) Cormyr? Cormeer? I remember something about a purple dragon, but I believe the module took place the forgotten realms settings. Something about a 'week' being a 'ten day'

2) A player had played a cleric of a sun god or something as the such. I vaguely remember 'Morning, Morning Lord' as our way to refer to the cleric.

3) Had Drow. The start of the adventure was us being ambushed by a pair of Drow. I don't know if it was relevant to the adventure, but there was some failed attacks, and they ended up surrendering to us due to some unlucky/lucky roles. We originally were sent out by a town due to the frequent raiding on their town

4) The Drow were apart of the surface raiding party; and their camp had been ambushed by horse riders. We ended up burying their dead (I played a chaotic good barbarian who's it was his first interaction with Drow). They said something about their priestess, who we never found anything about.

5) A remember a castle that was abandoned; maybe. I don't recall all the details. I remember giant bees, and honey underground, which sold for a fair amount (To include the wax).

6) When approaching the castle, we fought some sort of... flesh dog. It turned its head kinda inside out, and we had to make a fear save. I, of course, made my survival roll to know that, warned our small party, then failed it, and promptly spent the rest of combat running away like a little girl.

7) Above ground, there was a psuedo dragon fighting with an imp The imp was a water imp, and the psuedo dragon threw acorns at us.

8) We went to another location where these 'Raiders' were supposed to meet up, and ended up fighting them off. We got a ring? that opened up a portal to their base camp. We ended up wearing their armor and snuck in.

9) From what I remember; Rats in a grain (Are they Dire rats? Do they eat Dire Grain?), A bunch of slaves we rescued (One of them ended up being an assassin that tried to get us), a lycanthrope (Apparently its not a good idea to eat them), Orcs and humans playing dice together (We ended up getting them to kill each other, calling them cheaters and what not), and a gnome? blacksmith of some creation God that was neutral.

Thats all I remember; if you can throw anything at me, I'd be appreciative.

2011-01-01, 10:39 PM
Almost sounds like Four from Cormyr, but I don't recall the bit about the pseudodragon.

I bet if you read through THIS LISTING (http://www.candlekeep.com/bookshelf/products.htm), you'll find the one you were thinking of.

2011-01-02, 11:01 PM
Didn't find it. Four from Comyr wasn't what I was looking for, and none of those modules look familiar.

We were first level when we started, I forgot to include that.