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2011-01-14, 02:00 PM
I'm playing a Heavens Oracle in a PF game, so I rely heavily on pattern spells. (For those unaware of the ability, I reduce the effective HD of each enemy for the purpose of my pattern spells affecting them). An issue has come up at our table that we've houseruled, but I was curious as to other opinions out there.

It seems that anyone who runs into the area of a, say, Rainbow Pattern, even after it has been cast, would be affected, be they friend or foe. OK, what happens if the creature makes a save, leaves the area, and then returns to it. Do they have to make another save? One reading would be that "will negates" means that, no, for the casting of this spell, that creature is all set. Another read is that, since the effect endures, unless the creature is immune to illusions or closes its eyes or something, it would have to make a new save just as if a new pattern spell were cast.

I guess the answer relies on the metaphysics of the saving throw. Is it a momentary shrugging off of a magical effect by force of will, will that needs to be maintained and indeed repeated with repeated exposure? Or does that will expenditure somehow negate the effect vis a vis the creature, i.e. it cancels part of the magic, but only as it relates to that creature. I have to say the former makes more sense for verisimilitude, at least to me. The latter, though, is perhaps more fair. Of course this isn't a problem for momentary effects, which most magical effects are. Indeed, for most persistent effect, such as a stinking cloud, the answer is spelled out and new saves must be made every round in the area.


2011-01-15, 01:52 AM
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Thrice Dead Cat
2011-01-15, 03:50 AM
I thought that the spells general section mentioned that a creature only has to make one save versus something unless the spell says otherwise (like Phantasmal Killer) and I want to say that the default rule is that on a pass, someone is good from that instance of the spell and on a failure, well, they can't re-save against it, barring some sort of reroll ability or something else.

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