View Full Version : Help for Ideas for a Paranoia Tomb of Horrors?

2011-01-14, 08:11 PM
So, I want to make a small mission based on a Tomb of Horrors for Paranoia. But I'm not really sure, so I need help. I want some traps that test the wits of the players, not just their trigger fingers.

2011-01-14, 08:29 PM
3B vending machines hurling cans of 3B?

The Glyphstone
2011-01-14, 09:07 PM
A lot of stuff from normal Paranoia can be used in a ToH expy effectively. For example, doors painted Red on one side and White on the other. Only in ToH, the door is a trap-door in a Red hallway...attempting to get themselves out of the trapdoor-covered pit is TREASON, even if there's nothing inside it except them and the shriveled bodies of loyal clones who didn't try to escape.