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2011-01-15, 01:03 AM
I'm curious how many have played em and what peoples opinions are. I'm less interested in if something makes them less good and more finding out if/why some change makes a class terrible

For example, i'm worried that the D10 HD and few more skills/skillpoints for a Thug Sneak attack fighter might not be worth losing all the extra abililites a rogue has (even more skills, rogue abilities ect) since that would basically be the only difference. And from what i understand free feats are a godsend and even though they are only fighter feats ...should still be nice.

What im indifferent to is...saying how the Monkish variant for druids makes them so less powerful. Wild shape is OP and everyone knows it. Witht he monk variant the Druid becomes less a god and more a Divine Wizard who is untouchable in the forest. Since that doesnt make them terrible, i'm less interested in a loss of power in that form.

*edit* Ps was going to put this in here before, but thought i'd find it on the DnDwiki. Is there a reason i cant easily find Illumian racial stats and stuff on a google search? is there anywhere its legally printed?

2011-01-15, 01:11 AM
Wildshape Ranger sees a lot of play, as do the monk and barbarian variants, and they're not really overpowered.

The no-wildshape druid is actually a very viable concept, given that you're dumping your wildshape ability but gaining features including the ability to use your primary casting stat for AC.

And the rogue and fighter variants present you a lot of options. Rogue with feats instead of sneak attack or fighter with sneak attack instead of feats. it's a hefty tradeoff either way, and it's really only overpowered if you're using it in conjunction with gestalt characters.

The domain wizard sneaks up there in the power level, though, especially because it synergizes so freaking well with the Elf generalist wizard out of Races of the Wild. Combine the two and you get almost as much battery life out of your wizard as a sorcerer gets, but with tons of spells per level to choose from.

But the grand prize winner is cloistered cleric. 6 skill points, third domain, bardic lore, more spells... at the cost of BAB and armor/shield. If anything is overpowered, it is the options opened up by this one. Use caution.

Grey Elf, cloistered cleric 1, elf generalist domain wizard 5 (with spontaneous divination), dweomerkeeper 10. The universe is your playground. And when you hit 9th level spells, you pretty much own the place. :smallamused:

2011-01-15, 01:20 AM
LoL, thanks,

I was actually concerned about some of the alternates being underpowered, but i guess overpowered is something to look out for too. I didnt even look at the Ranger one. Wildshape Ranger? insteresting. I shall have to click every link.

Nice too, since i dont like to break games (i'd feel to bad)

2011-01-15, 01:21 AM
Yeah, wildshape ranger, jump into Master of Many Forms followed by Warshaper. It hurts. A lot. :smallcool: