View Full Version : Resident Evil: Project Alice Template? (Help?)

2011-01-17, 03:34 AM
Hey, I just watched the third resident evil movie, and while I hate that they are so non-cannon. I do apreciate that they atlest made movies based on resident evil. (Still hopeing for a movie thats cannon and follows the mansion and raccoon city events). Anyway, My friend was thinking of running a zombie-apocolypse d20 modern game, and I think it might be based on the t-viris/resident evil. Even if its not, I would still like help with what I wanna do.

I am trying to think of a "Project Alice" Template.
Like one that would represent what they did to Alice to make her so kick ass.

I am just not sure where to begin, I am good at homebrewing classes, terable at templates/monsters.

Please help me fellow gamers/horror lovers!

Edit: I know my wording is rather childish, but in my defence, I am a little tired. (It being 2:39 am here)

2011-01-29, 09:30 AM
You should check out Zeta Kai's awesome Resident Evil thread. It's around here somewhere...