View Full Version : My New Game, The Weird West of Van Kyr [3.5/PF]

2011-01-18, 03:09 AM
So today, after much deliberation, we started our new Pathfinder/3.5 game, a weird west meets fantasy game. Our party:

A Garuda (Dragon 352) Warblade (with GiantITP homebrew disciplines such as Coin's Edge and Black Rain)/PF Fighter/Order of the Bow Initiate with two legacy pistols (they only work when together) and a +1 Defending Greatbow.

A Half-Orc Artificer that has a Dedicated Wright and a Tin Golem.

A halfling monk (played as a Saloon girl who knows how to bar fight).

Joining us later will be three mystery characters and a warlock refluffed to just be a super lucky gambler.

Their mission: Get a debtor out of his house and to pay up to the bank on their way to deal with a varmint that went and took control of a whole town. In the campaign, humanoids fit into two groups: The Civilized (the good) and the Savages (the bad and the ugly). Halflings are Civilized (no one treats her weird). Half-Orcs are between, but he can be treated well enough in his own burough. Garuda are seen as pure savages, though this one trained his whole life with a (possibly) human gunman and uses his teachings well.

So, besides this being our first mapless game, this was also just a great game to be in. They found the farmer had gotten stuck in his silo to hide from debt collectors, and that the farmer was unable to pay his loans due to a mysterious debt. Well, the halfling stayed behind with the wright to guard the farmer and make sure he didn't do anything funny, and the golem, artificer and garuda went to the first farm to lose it's crops.

The Ashteri are the big bad Savage race in this campaign, and they sabotaged this town with a relic that was killing the plants and killing the eel monster inside. They destroyed the gem, only for the monster to jump out and attack the three, destroying the golem (who everyone was sad because I role played the homonculus and the golem the whole time, and nobody wanted either to die, so I said his Spirit Gem lived on for his new body). The Archer ended up just mutilating the eel monster in three shots and killed it, salvaging it's arm blades to make scimitars for the golem when he got rebuilt.

So far, the result: Everyone likes playing an old west, gunslinging, anything goes with a little refluffing game where we get steampunk golems, bird men, guns a blazing, farmers with shotguns, and the sort of action we had today. Nobody missed the map, and the different Weird West flavor made it come alive.

I'll keep posting our stories here, and if anyone else has any ideas or cool stuff they wanna see, lemme know! Any ideas for it are welcome!