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Dusk Eclipse
2011-01-21, 01:16 PM
Ok, yesterday I was browsing my FLGS and found a copy of Shattered Gates of Slaughtergrade; I am really tempted to buy it; as I have an urge to DM; but my past forays into hadn't been... successful. SO I tough running a series of modules might be a good idea.

So later today, I am going to go and buy it; but I got this idea to set the game in Eberron (which is my favourite setting), so far I now next to nothing about the module (except the blurb at the back cover of the module).

And I thought it would be interesting to port it to Eberron, it will most likely require some tweaking but for the most part I think it can be safetly ported to Eberron.

My first idea was to make the battle at the Slaughtergarde, one of the last battles in the age of demons, just barely after the Silver Flame was lit. And now I am not sure which group will try to re-open the portal (I remember reading somewhere that there was a group inside the Silver Flame church that worshipped the bound demon; perhaps that is the group who wants to open the portal.)

So basically I am looking for suggestions to port the module into Eberron.

Thanks in advance

2011-01-21, 08:24 PM
I don't know much about Slaughtergarde either. The battles during the Age of Demons were mostly fought between the fiends and the dragons, so I'm not exactly sure how that's going to work in the module's context. There's been a lot of war in Eberron, so it could be any of them, maybe: Demons vs Dragons, Giants vs Quori, Goblinoids vs Daelkyr, and the Last War.

The cult you're referring to is the Whispering Flame cult, which doesn't only worship the demon in the Silver Flame, but believes that Jaela Daran is actually one of them.

EDIT: While the blurb explicitly says "demons," you could simply say in Eberron that it might have been demons, but given how long ago it was, the lore could be distorted and it could have been any of the other extraplanar invasions.

Of course, if it was about the Giants vs Quori, it should be in Xen'Drik. If it was the Daelkyr, it should be in Khorvaire.

2011-01-21, 08:36 PM
We played though SGoS a while back - a very enjoyable module. It's set in a valley, should be easy to slot into any campaign setting.

You might want to change some of the NPCs to the iconic Eberron races...Warforged, Changelings, Shifters etc., and maybe some of the monsters too.

Dusk Eclipse
2011-01-21, 10:16 PM
I actually like the idea of a Daelkyr invasion... the eberron games I have played in has been much more focused on the Quori (specifically the dreaming dark) so I think my group might like the aberration angle; I have to see if I can replace monsters with aberrations.

Thanks for the Input.

Thurbane: I am not sure on the warforged; but you bet I am going to use shifters, changelings and maybe even Kalashtar.