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2011-01-22, 08:24 PM
I am building an campaign right now where the PCs will be able to travel between various cities and complete various quests. I have a bunch of the major quests figured out, but I want to add in a plethora of minor quests they could also elect to do.


(The sort of thing I'm going for is those little "do this for me" quests that show up in Video Game RPGs)

2011-01-22, 08:38 PM
What level are you talking about for your group? That does impact the kinda quests they are likely/able to do. Some random quests could include
-Guard duty. Whether this is a location or a traveling caravan is up to you.
-Fetch. Many quests do this anyways. NPC wants item and it's up to you to get it.
-Profession. Most players forget they have this skill. Not saying you need the skill to do the job, just look at the list and make a "Help Wanted" ad.
-Stars! The local theater is in need of actors and musicians and who could better act out a heroic knight than a real paladin?

If I had more information I could probably come up with something specific. I just thought the last one was amusing, plus I've seen it used before.

2011-01-22, 08:46 PM
Looking for stuff appropriate for level 4-8 or so.

The party will be nonevil.

2011-01-22, 09:42 PM
A thief (of roughly 6th level) takes something of value to the party and gets away. The party will go through hell to find him and take back the thingy.
The local damsel is in distress!


Mando Knight
2011-01-22, 09:43 PM
NPC needs six Dire Wolf fangs. Each Dire Wolf has one fang. Maybe.

2011-01-22, 11:12 PM
Two rival taverns both want the party to run errands for them. Possible errands include:

1. Slip a laxative into the rival's booze
2. Convince a local hero to endorse them
3. Either bribe a bureaucrat or resort to forgery to get them a permit to expand into a new part of town (Or different town entirely!)
4. Steal the rival's secret recipe

City terrorized by evil bard (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_q1SdaWLlw#t=1m48s)


Druid wants PCs to locate rare animal dentist to cure the plague that's been leaving all the wolves in area toothless


Maverick businessman Randeyn the Blunt wants to build his own dinosaur-punk Utopia in the city of Raptor.

2011-01-22, 11:49 PM
Keep the ideas coming! I have 5 cities/towns that need to be populated by quests. Some good stuff here already.