View Full Version : Seeking (More) Character Art

2011-01-23, 04:56 PM
EDIT: Apparently there was no need for a separate thread. If any mod feel like deleting this, go ahead, otherwise just let it fade into obscurity.

2011-01-23, 06:36 PM
Not trying to mod or anything, but...
Why two threads?

2011-01-23, 06:43 PM
Um, it seemed like it warranted another thread? As it's a separate piece of artwork, it seemed like a good idea. Unless I should just put this in the other thread, but it didn't seem like it would attract much attention.

2011-01-23, 08:19 PM
It might not attract much attention, but I'd say you're hogging the spotlight, man. There are many others with requests, and I would think they don't start threads for each request they have.

I would suggest to add this to your original thread, but that's only my suggestion. I'm not part of the law enforcement team, anyway, so don't go by me.