View Full Version : Mountain king 3.5 , prestige class for a prestiege class!

super dark33
2011-01-27, 12:15 PM
I thought of makeing the mountain king from Warcraft 3 into a prestiege class for dwarven protectors (or whatever you call them in english),maybe later even a prestiege class for blackguard or somthing.

So... suggestions?

Combat Reflexes
2011-01-27, 12:37 PM

-DR. more DR. keep it coming.

-Maneuvers from ToB to symbolize Storm Bolt and Thunderclap.

-Some kind of 'I'm the king and you get bonuses' ability.

super dark33
2011-01-27, 01:19 PM
the Avatar ability to be Righteous might with divine power

Buckler+Axe+Hammer bonuses

2011-01-27, 01:39 PM
Blizzard actually released a D20 game of Warcraft with stats for Mountain Kings as a prestige class in it, you know.
Though I would still be interested in seeing with what people on here could come up with.