View Full Version : Mage of the Arcane Order Question [3.5]

2011-01-27, 01:55 PM
Can a MotAO use the New Spells feature to gain a spell from a Wizard with an expanded list, such as an Arcane Disciple, or Wyrm Wizard?

I'm asking both RAW, and what would you allow/be allowed in your game?

I think I would allow it as a DM for a RP requirement, sidequest, negotiation or whatever.

2011-01-27, 02:13 PM
Just because you have some writing in your book doesn't mean the spell is on your class list. It still takes a feat or particular class ability to accomplish that; perhaps it'd help reduce the costs of 'researching a new spell' as well. That you can't even choose from a prohibited school seems to be a pretty good indication for this one.

It already specifies 'subject to DM approval', though. Given that, I'd certainly be willing to look at the chosen spell first.

big teej
2011-01-27, 02:52 PM
in my opinion mages don't need any help whatsoever.