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2011-01-27, 11:47 PM
So yeah, these are a couple of weapons that I've been working on. Just some generic weapons that can be used in magitek games. They are not completely done, as you guys can tell. :smallsmile: Here is what I have so far.

{table=head]Exotic Ranged Weapons | Cost | Dmg | Critical | Range Increment | Weight | Type
Force Gun | ? | 2d4 +4 | ? | 50 ft.* | ? | Force
IR Rifle | ? | 2d6 | ? | 100 ft. | ? | Piercing
Magi Pistol | ? | 8d4 | ? | ? | ? | Force
* - A force gun shot does not use range increments, it always goes to the maximum range regardless of obstacles.

Yep, crappy MSPaint pictures of what they look like. :smallbiggrin:
Force Gun:http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z468/Madronard/ForceGun.jpg A force gun is too unwieldy to use while you are mounted. Loading a force gun if a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

IR Rifle:http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z468/Madronard/IR-Rifle.jpg Uses two forms of ammunition. The first is modified Immovable Rods fitted with barbs. The second is Blast Stones. Reloading the immovable rod ammo is a full-round action, reloading the blast stone is a move action. An IR clip contains ten immovable rods. The rifle can only hold one blast stone at a time.

Magi Pistol:http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z468/Madronard/Magi-Pistol.jpg Uses four wands of Magic Missile as ammunition, reloading is two full-round actions.

Now about Blast Stones. I am basing most of these weapons off of blast stone technology. A blast stone is made exactly like a thunderstone, with special elements like black powder and other incendiary components. They are not quite as reliable as thunderstones however. Whenever a weapon using a blast stone is fired, roll a d100. On a 100, the gun explodes dealing 1d6+5 damage in a 10 ft. burst. On a 1-10 the weapon misfire, the action spent to fire the gun is wasted, and the blast stone must be replaced.

Terrible stuff I know, but Im trying to whip them into shape. Anyway, if you guys have magitek weapons and armor and any of that, feel free to post it here. Might as well make it a repository or something. I'm going to be adding more stuff later.

2011-01-28, 09:18 AM
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