View Full Version : Need a picture of a petal fey and her mouse steed

2011-02-01, 11:01 PM
Hello, GiantITP forums. I'm looking for a picture of my new character, a fun little pixie prankster who happens to be very adept at navigating trapped dungeons. She's a petal with levels in Rogue and Wizard, giving her not only great sill points and abilities and the ability to turn missed touch spells back on their attacker, but also the ability to cast a number of spells herself, and more importantly, a mouse familiar that acts as her constant companion, steed, and partner.

You can find a picture of petals in MM3, or here: (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/mmiii_gallery/83032.jpg). My particular petal is based on the Chrysanthemum. (http://www.eos4life.com/athen/Pink%20And%20Purple%20Flowers.jpg) I like the pink-and-purple color scheme, the skin should be a more tannish-pinkish hue, and the blossoms should be more brilliant pink and purple.

And the mouse should be white. It doesn't wear anything like armor,, if it ever needs it the petal shares her Shield and Mage Armor with it.