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2011-02-03, 08:19 PM
I've been trying to work out a new class call alchemist who basically mixes potions that do damage and throws them. They also have some spell, but are limited by science. Help please.

2011-02-03, 08:22 PM
What do you have so far?

2011-02-03, 08:31 PM
I think their most dependent ability score should be wis. or int. For spells per day, I'm thinking 1st level alchemist 2 1st level spell and 12nd level spell, not including bonus spells. Potions you have to have a Int or Wis of 10 plus potion level to prepare, and they need items to make them. possible 1st level spell strengthen weapon +1 damage. 1st level potion potion of energy (drink not throw) +10ft. of movement. Tell me what you think Siosilvar.

2011-02-03, 08:33 PM
Consider looting the Pathfinder Alchemist (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/alchemist). Or just using it.

2011-02-03, 08:34 PM
For spells per day, I'm thinking 1st level alchemist 2 1st level spell and 1 2nd level spell, not including bonus spells.

No. 2nd level spells come in at 3rd level for a reason.

Hrm... what it sounds to me like you want is a refluffed Cleric class. Preparing spells, Magic Weapon, Longstrider...

what makes this different from taking levels in Cleric and calling casting spells as various alchemical substances?

2011-02-03, 08:38 PM
Hey thx Glimbur, problem solved. And you might be right siosliver.

2011-02-03, 09:54 PM
I find that the first step to homebrewing is being lazy. Rather than go to all the work of creating a new class, see if you can refluff a class you know about or find a new class that does what you want.

2011-02-13, 12:24 PM
Okay. Sure.