View Full Version : Need a Little Help [3.P]

2011-02-04, 01:44 PM
So I got a player who does enjoy the game, but she just cannot throw a character together for the life of her (still teaching her) and she will be late to today's game, which we are now on our 3rd game.

She was looking at my list of classes, and picked Paladin (the pathfinder kind). The big difference is she was looking through replacement features and decided martial maneuvers would be best.

So my question is, what are good ideas with a Pathfinder Paladin? And what're good ideas with Crusaders (she gets a slightly slower Crusdaer progression instead of spells). We're looking at 6th level here.

The rest of the party is a WarbladeWarbow/Fighter/Order of the Bow Initiate, a Pathfinder Cleric (Fire/Water domains), a halfling monk, a halfling scout (from Complete Adventurer, tweaked for Pathfinder), and a Half-Orc Artificer (the Eberron kind). I also have a few NPCs they can gain aid from but they normally don't unless they figure out the bad guy is WAY too tough to take.

Today's mission: A gauntlet of controlled critters to regain a town, including a bleeder beholder, a few Ash Demons, a group of lizardfolk cowboys (they control the critters), a few dust wights, 2 Zern blade thralls and 2 ekolids.

The Bladethralls are to hint that the Zern are involved, as they are one of the big bads in this campaign.

So, yeah. Recapping: What's good on a Crusader? What's good on a PF Paladin?