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2011-02-07, 04:06 PM
I'd been thinking about this for a while, and the thread about the Friar PrC really jumpstarted me actually working on this.

I'm currently playing a cloistered cleric (and loving it) but the group wanted me to make a more tanky cleric, while still performing as a heal bot (seriously, my jaw dropped when they said 'but you can't HEAL!')... /sigh

Anyway. Building the tank as a mental exercise, I came across a couple class features - Prescience from Divine Oracle and Mettle from Pious Templar. I decided right there I was going to always build those into my clerics - even at the 1 CL loss from PT. Mettle, imo, is just worth it.

That got me thinking along the lines of building a base class that combines all the things I like about my clerics, without many of the things I don't like - DMM for one... It's allowed in the game I'm currently playing, and I'm planning on picking it up... but it's soooo cheesy. If I build a class without Turning, I can (for the most part) avoid the temptation.

To whit, I have harkened back into the ancient days of Dark Age of Camelot - where the lowly Albion Friar kicked a lot of ass with his quarterstaff, armored in leather robes and defensive spells.

Using all these as the building blocks, I came up with this idea: (I'm calling it the Friar for ease, not because I'm deliberately trying to rip off the idea... not sure if there's a better name though)

The Friar:
BAB: Poor
Saves: All good
HD: d6
1) Domains, Spellcasting, Staff training
2) Evasion
3) Bless 3/day
4) Uncanny dodge
5) Improved staff training (1d8)
6) Additional domain
7) Mettle
8) Improved uncanny dodge
9) Improved evasion
10) Greater staff training (1d10)
11) Prayer 3/day
12) Additional domain
15) Master staff training (2d6)
18) Additional domain
20) Grand master staff training (2d8)

Skills (6+int per level)
Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Wis), Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Dex), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Use Magical Device (Cha)

Explanation of abilities:
Spellcasting - uses bard spells per day table, and a unique spell list (listed below). Uses Wisdom for additional spells and DCs; is a spontaneous caster.
Domains - Friars must choose a god to worship. Like a Cleric, the Friar has access to 2 domains to start. Both granted powers and spells (up to level 6) are available. Unlike Clerics, Friars add their domain spells to their known spells list, rather than keeping them separate. Starting at 6th level, and every 6 levels thereafter, add another domain from the Friars god's list.
Staff training - When using a quarterstaff, a Friar can add his Wis modifier (if any) to his to hit.
Evasion - as the rogue ability.
Bless - As a supernatural ability, the Friar can cast Bless, three times a day. Duration is equal to the Friar's class level in minutes.
Uncanny dodge - as the rogue ability.
Improved staff training - damage with a quarterstaff increased to 1d8. Also, the Friar adds 1/2 his class level to his BAB (using fractional BAB).
Mettle - as the Pious Templar ability
Greater staff training - damage with a quarterstaff increased to 1d10. Also, the Friar adds his Wis modifier (if any) to his damage.
Prayer - As a supernatural ability, the Friar can cast Prayer three times a day. The duration is the Friars level in rounds.
Master staff training - damage with a quarterstaff increased to 2d6. Also, the Friar gains access to the following feats (even if he doesn't meet the prerequisites): Improved disarm, Improved trip and Improved critical (quarterstaff)
Grand master staff training - damage with a quarterstaff increased to 2d8. Also, the Friar gains access to the following feats (even if he doesn't meet the prerequisites): Spring attack, Whirlwind attack.

Spells known list - like a warmage, the Friar simply knows all of these spells. As a spontaneous caster, he doesn't have to memorize them, and may cast them as many times as he has slots for. Metamagic uses the same rules as bards and sorcerers.
0: Detect magic, Disrupt undead, Light, Mending, Resistance
1: Alarm, Endure elements, Hide from undead, Hold portal, Protection from X, Remove fear, Resist planar alignment, Sanctuary, Shield
2: Avoid planar effects, Obscure object, Protection from arrows, Protection from Pos/Neg energy, Resist energy, Shield other, Undetectable alignment
3: Cloak of bravery, Dispel magic, Glyph of warding, Magic Circle against X, Nondetection, Protection from energy, Reverse arrows, Safety, Shield of warding, Sign of sealing, Suppress glyph
4: Dispelling screen, Freedom of movement, Hand of the faithful, Life ward, Resist energy, mass, Remove curse, Resistance, greater, Shield of faith, mass, Spell immunity, Stoneskin
5: Anticold sphere, Atonement, Break enchantment, Dismissal, Dispel X, Indomitability, Life's grace, Planar tolerance, Reciprocal gyre, Refusal, Sanctuary, mass, Spell resistance, Wall of dispel magic
6: Antilife shell, Aura of evasion, Dispel magic, greater, Forbiddance, Globe of invulnerability, Rejection, Resistance, superior, Ruby ray of reversal, Transcribe symbol