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2011-02-14, 08:23 AM
I am sort of developing this world after the last cataclysm high-lvl PCs caused. Once lush, green, human, dwarf and elven-populated land is now a steaming dung hole. Here is how it is:
The North: Most of North, which was a savage place even prior to Great Arcane War was infected with ghoul fever. Meaning, The North is now a main staging area for repetetive invasions for hoards of ghouls (also ghoul-giants and similar strange monsters) into Central Region.
Central Region: Is anything but a nice place. Filled wih living spells, antimagic-field-emanating fungus and pseudo-monsters is a big, charred ruin and now home for most types of abominations (epic lvl monsters. Btw are abominations able to procreate?). These are sort of a "filter" for all those ghouls, but cause even more destruction themselves.
The South Barrens: Home of scaly people and dragons. These existed on fringes of former human Empire prior to its destruction and are now running for help to older dragons which are sort of last bulwark against nasty visitors from The North. (mainly with their spellcasting abilities, high INT, high WIS and lots of experience)

As for other races:

Humans almost got obliterated. Where would you go if you were a human?
Dwarves: very few survived.
Elves: very few survived.
Gnomes: Survived The Great Arcane war, but their mini-kingdom was obliterated by abominations.

So I am thinking ... how would world shape in light of these new events? Run ever more south into ever harsher conditions of the deserts? Create a multi-species society involving humans, scalies, gnomes, dwarves ... ? Something completely different?

Also, somehow, the problem of abominations should be adressed.

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