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2011-02-21, 10:26 AM
PBPRPG is an homebrew rpg designed to be played by post. The core of the rpg is to minimize and possibly eliminate the special issues that come from play by post gaming. It is turnless to avoid waiting for players to post. It is practically diceless to keep players from having to wait for the results of their actions before continuing. And it is "nova friendly", so must-win challenges can always be won.

PBPRPG is a resource based game where player must learn to correctly manage resources to overcome challenges.

There are two types of resources, master and associated. Master resources are spent to increase associated resources. Associated resources are used to complete challenges.

Master resources determine the strength of associated resources and how many a character has. The Base Master Resources are: Strength, Intelligence, Magic, Charisma, and Wealth.

Associated Resources are further split into three more types: skills, items, and pools.

Skill resources represent how many of a particular kind of skill the character is proficient in (Athlete-Agility +11). Skills cannot be damaged or exhausted. Instead, each skill is tied to one or two pools. Each time a skill is used, that pool is drained. If all of the tied pools are empty, the skill cannot be used.

The first time a skill is used in a challenge by a character, the cost of the action is 5. Each time, the character uses a skill of the same master resource in the same challenge, the cost increases by 2.

A character can gain one new skill by spending one point of the associated skill's master resource. Each skill has a base value of 5 + 3*the skill's master resource.

Item resources determine how many of a particular kind of unique item a character have available at once (Equipment- Fire Sword). Each resource item is tied to a skill or pool and can be added to the value of the that skill or pool when used in a challenge.

A character can gain a certain number of new items by spending one point of the associated item's master resource. Items can be minor, moderate, major, or master. Each type of item has a different strengths

{table=head] Item Type | Number per Mastery Point | Strength | Roll to Weaken | Roll to Exhaust | Roll to Destroy
Minor | 5 | +2 | 5 | 6-8 | 9-0
Moderate | 3 | +4 | 4-6| 7-9 | 0
Major | 2 | + 6 | 4-6| 7-9 | 0
Master | 1 | + 10| 6-7 | 8-9 | 0

After the challenge, the DM or a player rolls a d10 for item used. Depending on the roll, the item can be exhausted, weakened or destroyed. Exhausted items cannot be used until refreshed. Weakened items are at half value until refreshed. Destroyed Items are unavailable until repaired.

Exhausted and Weakened items refresh after 2 challenges unless hastened by a pool. Succeeding the Survival challenge lowers refresh times by 1.

Destroyed items require 3 Time or use of the appropriate pool to repair. .

Pool resources represent an amount of a resource available (Sanity 5/10). Pools have various uses, from powering skills, repairing items, and lowering challenge values. Each pool has a maximum value that it cannot exceed. When drained, it's current value decreases. Sometimes bad things happen when pools are drained completely.
Pools come in two types: necessary and secondary.

A character starts with all pools at a maximum value of 5 if necessary or 0 if secondary. This can be increased by 10 for 1 point of the associated skill's master resource.

The DM sets up each challenge with 2 or more difficulties. The players must pool their resources to create a value higher than the difficultly or face a punishment. By default, there are at least 2 difficulties per challenge.

There are a few common types of challenges:

Combat - Physical fights
Chase - Catching or escaping from enemies
Diplomacy - Negotiations, disputes, and arguments
Creation- Creating or destroying a complex item
Subterfuge - Stealth and Detection
Performance- Executing an array of different performances

There are a few common types of difficulties:

Success- Bypassing the Success difficulty means your succeeded the challenge.
Survival- Bypassing the Survival difficulty can lowers the refresh time of items and pools.
Speed- Bypassing the Speed difficulty grants more Time for the next challenge.
Scouting- Bypassing the Scouting difficulty grants a more accurate look at present or future difficulties.

Dedicated Resources:
A character can dedicate a skill or item to a specific type of difficulty and challenge. The character must choose a difficulty and challenge type in order to dedicate an them or skill. Dedicated resources may only be used in the chosen difficulty and strength

Dedicated items are 6 + 5*the skill's master resource
Dedicated items are double strength.

Master Resource:Strength

Associated Resources:
Athlete- Skill
These are Physical skills the character might have. Examples. Acrobatics, Speed, Jock, Combat, Sports...

Weight- Major Items
Amount of equipment and magic items the character can carry with himself.

Stamina- Secondary Pool
Physical energy. When an Athlete skill is used, Stamina is drained. 1 Time or 5 Health restores 10 Stamina. Characters without Stamina cannot use Althelic skills.

Health- Necessary Pool
When a player ends a Combat based challenge, they lose Health. Bypassing the Survival difficulty halves Health loss. 1 Time restores 10 Health. Characters without Health die.

Master Resource: Intelligence

Associated Resources:
Knowledge- Skill
These are Mental skills the character might have. Examples. Math, Science, Gossip...

Memory- Mastery Item
Specific bits of past information that the character might have.

Crafts- Moderate Item
Created items that the character might manufactured.

Sanity- Necessary Pool
Current mental stability. When an Knowledge skill is used, Sanity is drained. Characters can refresh Crafts and Memories for 5 Sanity and repair Crafts and Memories for 10 Sanity. 1 Time restores 10 Sanity. Characters without Sanity cannot use any skills.

Master Resource: Magic

Associated Resources:
Rituals- Skill
These are strong magic effects the character may be able to create. Call Lightning, Teleport, Bind Person etc..

Conjurations- Minor Item
Created items that the character might summon.

Mana- Secondary Pool
Energy used to power magic. When an Knowledge skill is used, 5 Mana is drained. 1 Time restores 10 Sanity. Characters without Mana cannot use Rituals skills.

Alchemy- Secondary Pool
Characters can refresh Conjurations and Weight for 5 Alchemy and repair Conjurations and Weight for 10 Alchemy. 1 Time restores 20 Alchemy.

Master Resource: Charisma

Favors- Moderate Item
Collect acts of kindness or debts that can be call on.

Followers- Minor Item
Assorted people who wish to help you in some way

Influence- Secondary Pool
The power to alter another's thoughts and actions. Characters can use a number of Charm to lower a difficulty by twice that amount. Characters spend Charm up to their Charisma for each difficuly lowered.

Fame- Secondary Pool.
Notoriety collected through works and travels. Characters can refresh and repair Followers for 2 Fame. Characters can refresh Favors for 5 Fame and repair them for 10 Fame. 2 Time restores 10 Fame.

Master Resource: Wealth

Henchmen- Minor Item
Unskilled people employed by the character

Property- Major Item
Lands and estates owned by the character

Contacts -Master Item
People with unique or rare skills contracted by the character

Funds- Secondary Pool
Money used to pay employers, buy contracts, and acquire special items. Characters can refresh Henchmen for 1 Funds and repair them for 3 Funds. Characters can refresh Contacts for 3 Funds and repair them for 7 Funds.
Characters can refresh Contacts for 5 Funds and repair them for 10 Funds.

2011-02-21, 11:30 AM
Sample Character

Sir Dalan (Resource 10)

Simple version

Strength 6
-Athlete 2
Swordplay (+23)
Speed (+23)
-Weight 1

Dalan's Sword (+6)
Family Shield (+6)
-Stamina 1 (10/10)
-Health 2 (25/25)

Mental 0
-Sanity (5/5)

Charisma 2
-Favors 1 Smart Sister (+4)
Farmer Brown (+4)
Bardic Friend (+4)
-Fame 1 (10/10)

Wealth 2
Old Man Lu (+2)
Big Ron (+2)
Little Ron (+2)
Maria (+2)
Dalan's horse (+2)
-Funds (10/10)

Complex version

Strength 6
-Athlete 2
Swordplay (+36 to Combat Success)
Speed (+23)
-Weight 1

Dalan's Sword (+6)
Family Shield (+12 to Combat Survival)
-Stamina 1 (10/10)
-Health 2 (25/25)

Mental 0
-Sanity (5/5)

Charisma 2
-Favors 1
Smart Sister (+8 to Diplomacy Survival)
Farmer Brown (+4)
Bardic Friend (+8 to Performance Success)
-Fame 1 (10/10)

Wealth 2
-Henchmen 1
Old Man Lu (+4 to Subterfuge Success)
Big Ron (+4 to Combat Speed)
Little Ron (+4 to Combat Scouting)
Maria (+4 to Subterfuge Success)
Dalan's horse (+4 to Subterfuge Success)
-Funds 1 (10/10)