View Full Version : Help with my BBEG

2011-02-22, 04:10 PM
So in an upcoming one shot/campaign I am trying to make a ranking military officer betray his LN nation. His former nation is sending criminals(my PCs) as the first wave to try and eliminate him because they can't sully their lawful little hands. All the while getting a look at how strong the BBEG is.

Disclaimer: 3.X and Pathfinder material where it helps. All books are on limits. level 13 build for this BBEG

So questions

1st-Batman Sorcerer? Is it possible? I presume so but obiviously a Wizard has more options..... The current build is Pathfinder Sorcerer 7/Marshal 1/War Weaver 5. It will lose two caster levels this way. The first is for flavor the second because War Weaver dictates it. Ideas for a similarly military themed Sorcerer if you have better ideas? Also race ideas? I know that he will be a minority race but that race can be anything.

2nd-I really think that this guy has the Leadership feat. High Cha score, a military officer etc. But my prior DMs have banned the feat for obivious reasons so I really don't have experience with how the dang thing works and how to keep it balanced for a 8th to 9th level campaign. Someone kindly explain?