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2011-02-22, 07:51 PM
I'm in a campaign right now but my current ranger character has become a bit of a falling rocks magnet, I think I'm slightly more optimized than the rest of the party and may be doing slightly too well IN combat.

So I decided to make a back-up character. I wanna make a character that's good at smacking things and has a large hit dice, but I still wanna have fun with the character. I wouldn't mind something I could use my natural attacks with as I'm large sized and have 2 1d6 claws a 1d8 bite and a 1d6 rend. Don't ask me race its a home-brewed thing made by my DM.

All 3.5 sources other than psionics and tome of battle are allowed. So what I'm asking is anyone have fun suggestions for a melee character?

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2011-02-22, 07:56 PM
ravager CW

2011-02-22, 08:00 PM
Check out the Black Blood Cultist (Champions of Ruin?) and its level 8 ability