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2011-02-25, 01:35 AM
Recently ive become absolutely obsessed with Dead Space. The first game was amazing and the second was even better. So me and a group of friends have been running a very loose game of dead space in term of rules, and as the person running the game i am in search of a comprehensive rule set.

So far, we've really just been trying to make combat and skill checks realistic and more choice based with like an occasional D10 roll. Like we literally have no defined rules, we went from d20 rules to just discussing what needed to be rolled and then deciding successes based on a d6 and then settled on a d10.

I want to ask the members of the forum, what would be the best rule system for a dead space game?
I personally found any d20 systems combat to general, you simply have a pool of HP and when it depletes itself you are critically injured and i don't know how to describe it but the combat is just to vague. I need to try and find a game system that can have very realistic, brutal, and perhaps a bit cinematic combat with things like dismemberment(Huge point) and also including things like insanity.

I was thinking of using the game system the Dark Heresy uses.

2011-02-28, 08:44 PM
Apologies for self-bump.
No thoughts or similar dead space fanatics like me? :smallfrown:

The Oakenshield
2011-02-28, 10:14 PM
In my opinion, Dead Space is overrated.

If you really want to be scared play Amnesia, the Dark Descent.
At night.
Holy Crap.

(Sorry for not answering your question:smallredface:)

2011-02-28, 10:27 PM
You clearly have no idea what your talking about :smalltongue:
Dead Space 2 was amazing, i thought it would be crap and drag the good name of DS1 through the mud. But it was wayyy better. Not much really changed gameplay wise but the story and art was so much better.

Yeah im still struggling to throw something together rules wise before next friday haha. I NEED HELP!!!

I got something down on paper trying to use the same thing as Dark Heresy, but im not sure its working out

Kuma Da
2011-02-28, 10:41 PM
I'd recommend either Call of Cthulhu or Eclipse Phase as a viable system, but depending on how you feel like playing things, New World of Darkness (mortals, with some conversion work,) Dread (the one that uses a jenga set, not the one with the demons,) or Geiger Counter might all work really well.

Geiger Counter and Eclipse Phase should both be available as free downloads.

Eclipse Phase has a metric whackton of rules and setting data to get through, but it has the distinct advantage of not requiring any setting work. Dead Space could effectively be set in the eclipse phase universe and no one would bat an eyelash.

Geiger Counter, on the other hand, is a collaborate boardgame (you draw the board as you go,) that plays like a movie.

I enjoyed Dead Space one in sort of a grindhouse-y b-movie-y way, even if it got repetitive. Haven't gotten around to two yet (I'm actually playing Amnesia: Dark Descent right now :smallbiggrin:,) but I'll pick it up when the price comes down to sane levels.

edit: actually, if you wanna homebrew a system, let me know. I homebrew stuff for fun, and I'd be happy to collaborate.

2011-03-01, 12:04 AM
Dark Heresy could be good, but Rogue Trader (same basic system) would be better. Also you might want to check out Event Horizon a movie that *couh* inspired *cough* a lot of the imagery in Dead Space.

Kuma Da
2011-03-01, 09:22 AM
Dark Heresy's not a bad system, but it'd take a lot of conversion work to get it up and running for dead space. It's really very heavily invested in being in the 41st milennium, so you practically have to rip out the guts of the system to modify it.

2011-03-01, 08:12 PM
Oooohh, Eclipse Phase looks just about perfect. Im gonna read over Geiger Counter and Call of Cthulu. Dark Heresy is yeah, pretty bad.

Our game group ran a V;tm game for awhile but we dont like it at all haha. So WoD is out.

Also Dead Space 2 has a lot more depth story wise and cinematically. Its a lot less repetitive because there is NO backtracking. Different place every single chapter pretty much.

Sparx MacGyver
2012-01-21, 11:34 PM
Hello, I hope I"m not dredging up an old topic. Or one that's too old.

Just wondering if you had figured out a game system to use? I've been trying to find a decent game system to transplant DS into, and found a couple that have worked well. I've been using the Star Wars Saga Edition (D20) RPG system, and it has done very well. I had to put some effort into the game, obviously, but it has proven to be worth it.

My group at one point had ran a survival horror game, using another GM's setup, but it didn't work too well. Mostly, I think, because they were trying to allow magic and so on.

What I did was limit the weapons, classes, and almost completely remove the force and droid parts. Mainly it went to what was in the game, with Talents and Feats placed as appropriately. SWSE uses credits and that made things a bit easier. As for upgrades, I looked at what each individual item received and based it on that. For instance a Blaster Pistol is 3d6, so you could do it one of two ways. lower the die to say one, and for every two power nodes into damage it gets one additional die.

Or, give the weapon X additional damage per node. It actually work well both ways, and making the ammo almost non-existent, as with credits and healing items, makes the players "stress" so to speak. My players have literally freaked out because they know they have say 3 full loads of ammo (one in the weapon, and two in their inventory) and yet there are 20 Uglies coming right at them, and a couple couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from 1 foot away.

No challenges were ever too difficult. Just enough to make them feel the stress and tension that is required for that type of setting.

Other things I did was obviously change the bad guys, and adjust them accordingly. As for the force, I basically removed all but a few pieces. There are a few Force Powers in SWSE that don't need to be changed from how they work, except to remove them from being a Jedi using it to any person of the group can, provided they have the Telekinesis or Stasis Modules. I did leave in a few more powers as "Super Rare" abilities, but the module for them was not only exceedingly impossible to get, it would cost a small fortune to buy.

All in all, the system really adapted well, and I think would work well enough for other games of the same genre.