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2011-02-26, 11:36 AM
I was having a coversation about Norse Myths in another thread which was taking it off topic so hear we are, this thread is for disscussing real world myths and legends from any culture. So does anyone know any good Creation stories? To save time we should probably find a good online source and post links rather than typing these things out ourselvles. This (http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/IsisShrine/Norsemyth.html) is the Norse Creation story.

2011-02-26, 11:38 AM
Oh, come now. It puts life in stories to type them out. :smallbiggrin:
Edit: also ou miss stuff like Ymir's (pronounced Imar) brains becoming the clouds, his foot fungus becoming trolls, his armpit hare becoming the giants, all those little maggots and such within him became... was it dwarves? I forget :smallbiggrin:
Edit 2: It even skips the art about how two trees washed up on shore. An ash tree and an elm tree, and how Odin took pity on them (and planning for the war he knew would eventually come) made them into humans. Elm tree--> Woman Ash tree--> Man

2011-02-26, 11:43 AM
True but unless you want to spend a lot of time typing it, people would likely miss some details to save time, so linking seamed like the best way to do it unless people would prefer to post massive walls of text?
edit: Do you have a better source drack?

2011-02-26, 11:46 AM
If someone just wanted to read mythology they would get a book. Putting it on the forums sounds as if it is meant more for embellishing, and all that comes with story telling. perhaps discussions and the like.

I got my info from reading it from many sources and peacing it together. That's how people get a solid story for a book, even though there are millions of variations of each story. :smallbiggrin:
(I would jump in and type up a massive on mythology of a random culture, but my keyboard is giving me trouble with the following keys: py and *right arrow* )

2011-02-26, 12:00 PM
I updated the link to a more detailed version and i am happy to have discussions i just would not know how to start them.
edit: Do you always have problems with your keyboard like that? I hadn't noticed from your posts in the other threads.

2011-02-26, 12:12 PM
I'll start than. :smallbiggrin: In Norse mythology (since that appears to be our starting point) ... shoot, I think it was ogres which came from armpit hare... anyways :smallbiggrin:

Oden highest among the gods contrary to popular belief (yes by popular belief I mean kids books), was entirely dedicated to the presuit of wisdom and knowledge. Now as a discussion, why would the Teutonic tribesmen worship such a deity as chief among gods? (Teutonic tribesmen actually worshiped the deities from which Norse mythological deities come, but all the same. For background purposes I will mention that they were from the times of the Roman empire, and that they were neutral, the biggest local threat to rome, were violent, wielded large ash spears hardened in fire, and occasionally bearing a bone spearhead. Generally the massive spears tended to sstrike fear in not to bore you :smallbiggrin:

Edit: yes, I go through them beforehand :smallbiggrin: also the trouble keys change, and sometimes it's not as bad :smallbiggrin: I think the keys just jam sometimes :smallbiggrin:

2011-02-26, 12:25 PM
Perhaps because odin was also a war god, if i remeber correctly so maybe they worshiped him as the ideal warrior, strong, wise, cunning, a great leader of men, the kind of man you would want leading your tribe of blood hungry barbarians i mean group of perfectly civilized gentlemen:smallbiggrin: so what other gods were highly regard by these Teutonic tribesmen?

2011-02-26, 12:33 PM
Well in truth if they were to fight Thor could take Odin out, and he is a more of a war god. Odin has pets to bring him tidings of the world, blood bonded with Loki to get a new perspective, drank from the well of wisdom, had a duel of wits with the wisest of giants, and even killed himself for wisdom. What does this say of our *kind gentlemen*?

2011-02-26, 12:39 PM
That they probably valued knowledge and wisdom far more they were given credit for by the romans, if the romans thought of them as howling barbarians which they did for most tribal groups they met i think.
edit: Though this is a list of what odin was associated with, wisdom, war, battle and death, magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt.

2011-02-26, 12:54 PM
wisdom: see above
War: you don't not invoke the head god in war
battle and death: as war
Magic: somewhat comes with wisdom, and the day Oden died chaos gained power over the land. Though he came back to life from that one ... well, lets just say that's where which craft is strongest midnight of the full moon (it may have specified on a saturday, I forget)
Poetry: long story, but Odin spread poetry. Summarization: a man was gifted with poetry (the best and first there was) He was killed. his blood was brewed into beer. the higher ups on a few sides drank it. Than they all spit in a cup. The cup of spit sits in a cave guarded by giants. Odin tricks one to stab a hole in the mountain, seduces the giant inside... spends a week with her... turns into an eagle, drinks the spit, is pursued across the world spiting it out as he goes. (butchered the story, but you get the idea)
prophecy:... well he had a decapitated head of another giant that knew everything... another long story I will avoid ruining.
Victory: yet again he's the head god.
The hunt: well, I bet there are defiantly better ones to worship for this, but he has two massive dogs along with the two ravens that tell him everything going on in the world. :smallbiggrin: (yes, I don't know enough to draw a good conclusion :smallwink:)

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