View Full Version : Can't Middle-click.

2011-02-26, 01:19 PM
This happened all of a sudden. I didn't change any setting, just, in the middle of browsing, my wheel stopped clicking. It scrolls, just doesn't click. Anyone know what's going on?

2011-02-26, 02:39 PM
Probably the middle button broke--the scrolling and clicking aspects are two different mechanisms and it's entirely possible for one to fail while the other keeps working.

2011-02-26, 10:17 PM
The mouse is still working fine, it's a problem with the software? You can still feel the mouse clicking, but it's no longer giving you a response?

Might just be the mouse being broken. But, could be a software thing too, if the mouse seems to be working.

2011-02-27, 12:01 AM
Perhaps you accidentally turned off the Mouse 3 function. Not quite sure how that could happen, but delve into your computer to see if it's been turned off.

Brother Oni
2011-02-27, 04:47 AM
For a software fault, double check your mouse settings in the Control Panel and any driver programs you run to interpret multiple button mice.

For a hardware fault, take your mouse apart and clean under under the mouse wheel for any built up debris and check whether the actual button still works (click it physically without the wheel or outer casing).

If it does, then the wheel may have come misaligned, so just be careful when putting everything back together. If it doesn't, then it's likely the actual button itself is knackered and beyond saving.

Fifty-Eyed Fred
2011-02-27, 08:55 AM
Hmm, I can't middle click either. Probably something to do with my laptop. :smallwink: