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2011-02-27, 02:16 PM
Post them if you got them
if you don't post artwork you wish you could get as a tattoo

2011-03-02, 02:11 PM
My Lovecraftean backpiece:http://i365.photobucket.com/albums/oo91/jigokubosatsu/back.jpg

And I need to take a better picture, but here is my second tattoo: http://i365.photobucket.com/albums/oo91/jigokubosatsu/150211_459707582242_781007242_5408760_2650128_n.jp g Yes, I have the word "antipaladin" tattooed on me. Yes, I'm a nerd.

Wish I could post my newest, it's beautiful... but she has a naked bum, so no-go. :smallwink:

2011-03-04, 09:10 AM
cant find where i saved a pic of it online, but i have a puzzle piece with a cursive T, (first initial of my wife's name) above my left breast.

2011-03-04, 09:20 AM
Isn't there a simular thread in the friendly bannter?