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2011-02-28, 07:54 PM
Hey guys, I'm building a Sorc5/Motao2/Inchantrix10/Sacred Exorcist3.

I'm a Old, magic blooded. Aasimar as my race/templates

My base stats ( 28 buy ) 8,15,15,10,8,16
After Modifiers 5,12,12,12,10,22

My DM said my stats/race and w/e else is fine, and he prolly wont let me change them lol Sooooo if there WAS a better race/template, to bad for me lol.

The reason I am posting is that I have no idea what the -bleep- feats I should take, This build gets so many free meta magic feats its crazy, so I can use my normal 1-3-6-9-12-15 feats for non meta magic feats.

So far I have this... 2 Flaws Non combative and Murky eyed

lvl 1, 2 Flaws = 3 Feats, Arcane Prep, Spell Focus, Quicken Spell
lvl 2, ---
lvl 3, Co-Op Spell
lvl 4, ---
lvl 5, ---
lvl 6, Twin Spell
lvl 7, Iron Will ( for inchantrix )
lvl 8, Still Spell
lvl 9, Craft Wand ( for inchantrix lvl 10 ability)
lvl 10,---
lvl 11, ---
lvl 12, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell
lvl 13, ---
lvl 14, ---
lvl 15, Repeat Spell, Chain Spell
lvl 16, ---
lvl 17, Silent Spell
lvl 18, ---

But sadly still like 80% meta magic feats ><

I only have up to lvl 18 thought out at the moment. Anyone have good ideas for meta magic or non meta magic spell caster feats? ( I know maybe having greater spell focus might work too ), Or even sudden spell

-- Source for my build -- http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19860942/Character_Optimization_Board_3.5_Build_FAQ?post_id =338100714#338100714 --- Scroll about half way down the page for Meta Magic Sorc.

2011-02-28, 08:17 PM
The Otyugh Hole in Complete Scoundrel can give you Iron Will without spending a feat on it. If you put the visit in your character's backstory it costs you 3,000 gp, or if you visit during play it's completely free.

You should definitely get Extend and Persistent Spell to use with the Incantatrix 3 ability Metamagic Effect. Get a Runestaff (MIC) with whichever personal/set-range buffs you want to persist, each usable 1/day, and you won't have to spend any spells known on them. Get an item which grants a Competence bonus to your Spellcraft checks, you can get +30 without it being considered an epic item and that's only 90,000 gp. With max ranks of 23, +1 for Int, +2 for Kn: Arcana synergy, and +30 from an item, taking ten on the check, you'll always succeed in persisting anything you can cast. Get Arcane Disciple for the Destiny domain in Races of Destiny, and use Persistent Choose Destiny. Arcane Disciple: Luck for Miracle to emulate Stormrage or Holy Star with no xp cost to have either of those Persistent would also be worth it.

Draconic Heritage to get the Dragonblood subtype to qualify for Practical Metamagic from Races of the Dragon should be a good investment. Residual Magic in Complete Mage is also pretty good. There's also Arcane Thesis from PH2, if you want to spam one spell loaded up with metamagic most of the time, usually either an Orb of Energy or Enervation.

2011-02-28, 08:27 PM
Cooperative Spell requires another metamagic feat as a prerequisite, which you got rid of. If you're going to copy somebody else's build, at least make sure you look over it before just changing things.

2011-02-28, 08:45 PM
Yea i noticed that lol. Ty "Changed"

2011-02-28, 08:49 PM
Quicken Spell is going to be absolutely useless to you until you either get higher-level slots or the Spellcraft-based metamagicking. You'd be better off starting with something like Extend.

2011-02-28, 09:16 PM
Doesn't a sorcerer need rapid metamagic or whatever it's called before they can make use of quicken spell? Or at least make use of it for their spontaneous spells.

2011-02-28, 09:19 PM
Arcane Preparation lets a spontaneous caster prepare spells in their slots, applying metamagic at that time if they wish. Since those slots aren't spontaneous, they can be quickened without difficulty.

2011-02-28, 09:26 PM
Yeah, I know that - but it kind of defeats the purpose of being a sorcerer if you are going to prepare spells in advance.

2011-02-28, 09:36 PM
You still get Sorc-only spells and Charisma as your casting stat to fuel Sacred Exorcist's turn undead uses. With Wings of Flurry's uncapped damage per caster level, it's pretty metamagic-friendly, I'd bet.

Sure, a wizard could still do it better. But it's not that huge of a gap.

Hm. What are you using Turn Undead for?

2011-03-01, 01:24 AM
I dont know why even that it is in the build... Kinda pointless. Was maybe gunna do the other 3 levels in Motao

2011-03-01, 01:49 AM
One level of Archmage, turning my spells to sonic and Being an emerald dragon with Imp invis, would work with Draconic Power :) + Dragon Heritage

2011-03-01, 02:03 AM
That guide is a bit dated. Since then we've had PH2 with its Metamagic Specialist ACF and CM with the feat Rapid Metamagic to fix the quicken problem. I think Sacred Exorcist is there for lack of other options. Complete Arcane was first printed November 2004, that guide was written eight months before that. An updated version would definitely get Iron Will via the Otyugh Hole, and would probably get Skill Focus: Knowledge Religion via the Frog God's Fane and take those last three levels in Divine Oracle.

Rather than copy an outdated build from an old guide, come up with something new with more current material. Mage of the Arcane Order costs you two feats, Arcane Preparation and Cooperative Spell, but then it gives back a metamagic feat at the second level, so it only costs you Arcane Preparation. That build was taking that feat anyway because that was the only way a Sorcerer could use Quicken Spell back then. There are better options now, so you can kick Arcane Preparation to the curb along with MotAO. That guide is based on the 3.0 version in Tome and Blood anyway, which I doubt is much different from the 3.5 version but it's still an outdated guide.

I'd probably go something like Sorcerer 5/ Mindbender 1/ Incantatrix 10/ Divine Oracle 4. Again, your only feat costs is one metamagic feat for Incantatrix, because you can get Iron Will and Skill Focus: Kn Religion via gold or RP from the locations detailed in Complete Scoundrel. That means five metamagic feats, six open feats without flaws, and all the cool class features. You can even get Mindsight from Lords of Madness, something that every build in those guides would include if it had been in print at the time. There's a bit of a skill tax to get into Mindbender cross-class, but you can get Able Learner from Races of Destiny if using the half-humans option from the sidebar on page 150. As I said before, get persistent spell. The most powerful class feature Incantatrix offers isn't the capstone, it's Metamagic Effect at the third level.

2011-03-01, 02:43 AM
Mindbender? Hmm haven't heard of that one.

All these new ways to get Quickend to work is Nice. Its just Im not sure if my DM will let me do all this. Ill know by tomorrow for sure.