View Full Version : Been a while since I contributed but...

2011-03-01, 06:28 PM
Its been a while, but I have an interview for a internship as of 1200 GMT a 6 hour interview!... I know there are folks with more pressing issues, and my hopes are for them, but please guys wish me luck :S I have serious doubts about my own competence.

2011-03-01, 06:30 PM
A 6 hour interview? :smalleek:

Good luck! I hope it goes well.

2011-03-01, 06:33 PM
...Six hours? What?

Anyway, good luck!

2011-03-01, 06:40 PM
Its a multi puropse interview.. part personality test, part competency test and part "grind you down cos that what interviews are about" test :P

Edit: and thank you. I need all the best wishes that i can get!

2011-03-01, 06:43 PM
Well I'd say given the sure amount of time and energy required to run a six hour interview. They are probably already strongly considering you as a candidate. Which is brilliant. So good job so far. Keep it up. :smallsmile:

Diva De
2011-03-01, 10:38 PM
Best of luck and best wishes.

2011-03-02, 05:49 AM
You can do it, you're the best rat of them all.

Seriously, good luck amigo

2011-03-03, 12:56 PM
Screw luck and do out there and give the interview a good kicking.

Moff Chumley
2011-03-03, 01:56 PM
Good luck, man. Interviews are some screwy stuff... :smallsigh:

2011-03-03, 04:58 PM
good luck, and bring reading material, you'll probably need it.

2011-03-03, 05:58 PM
I second the reading material. Your day might not be the same, but the last time I had a full day of various assessments it involved a lot of sitting around. Good luck with it though, and as celtois said you obviously have something they are looking for to get thus far, so just get in there and win :smallbiggrin: