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2011-03-06, 01:04 AM
Home Brew Templates

+0 La

Scorned Disciple- Requirements Divine Spell caster

- +2 Wis -2 Con -2 Str -2 Chr -2 Int
- One extra level 2 Spell Slot, two extra level 1 spell slots, three extra level 0 spell slots
- 2/day Detect Evil, Protection Evil
- +2 Competence bonus to Knowledge Religion and Knowledge the planes

Whirling Ravager- Requirements Chaotic, 1 BAB

- +4 Str -2 Dex -2 Con -2Int -2Wis
- +1 Doge AC
- +4 Competence bonus to Intimidate
- Gain Whirlwind as a feat

+1 La

Rock-Aspect- Requirements 1 BAB, Cannot be lawful

- +4 Con -2 Dex -4 Int -2 Chr
- Slow Movement, Your base land speed is defaulted to 15 feet, as if wearing Mountainous Plate
- 2/Adamantine, Stacks with any current and future DR
- +2 N/A Increase from base creature
- When wearing Mountainous Plate you may choose one of the three benefits to activate once a day as an immediate action. Benefits Last till the beginning of your next turn.
- Sturdy +6 opposing grapple checks
- Shining Resilience +2 Insight bonus to will saves
- Light Fortification 25% chance of normal damage

Will be adding more as I get Ideas. Putting thread in Sig so everyone can see them

Comments are awesome too :D!

2011-03-06, 05:41 AM
Scorned Disciple seems a bit too strong for LA +0. I mean, you only lose physical stats (which full casters don't really need, or can just make the small loss unimportant through buffs), and in exchange gain extra spells per day, which at lower levels especially is very useful. Not too sure on the usage of the SLAs, since you say 'at will 1/day' before them, which contradicts itself. The skill bonuses are just a little extra, but nothing too strong.

2011-03-08, 06:31 PM
Fixed it a little.