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Archpaladin Zousha
2011-03-08, 11:44 PM
I'm running a game using Pathfinder's Council of Thieves adventure path on another board, and one of my players expressed interest in coming across a weapon described in the supplement to the adventure path, Cheliax, Empire of Devils. I decided to try and stat up the weapon, preferrably as something that a non-evil character could use without gaining enough negative levels to kill them just by touching the darn thing. This being my first attempt at something like this, I obviously need help. I've included the flavor text from the book, which I used as the inspiration for the weapon's features. Any assistance you can give would be appreciated. Thank you. :smallsmile:

The Hellfire Redeemer

The legend goes that when Her Infernal Majestrix Abrogail I rose to power, a devoted knight of Sarenrae and his companions mounted an assault to destroy her and her fiendish allies. When they breached the throne room, they found themselves stunned by the unholy beauty of the Majestrix, who enspelled the knight and forced him to cut down his allies. As the blood mingled on the knight’s blade, the longsword turned pitch black, with swirls of red seething beneath the surface. Abrogail commended her new champion and declared him the first Hellknight.

This legend is totally unsupported by history; no scholar has found evidence that the story is true (and in fact the Hellknights predate Abrogail’s time as queen). None can even find the name of this supposed “first Hellknight” or his eventual fate. From time to time, though, this weapon surfaces, carves another memorable place in folklore, then disappears again. The Hellfire Redeemer typically reveals itself to good folk in their time of greatest need. It supposedly causes black rot to spread through its victims whenever it strikes, ignites enemies with a command, and sucks the souls of the fallen into its blade. To wield the sword is to truck with the legions of Hell, and most stories tell of it corrupting its bearer.

The Hellfire Redeemer is a +3 corrosive burst grayflame adamantine longsword. Once per day, the sword can blast forth a fiery ray at any target within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. The ray deals 4d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit. The Hellfire Redeemer is intelligent. It has Intelligence 14, Wisdom 14, and Charisma 12. It is Lawful Neutral. It has senses out to 60 ft, and darkvision, as well as telepathy and can speak Common, Celestial and Infernal. It can cast magic aura on itself at will. It has a special purpose: to defend and serve the interests of Cheliax. Against an enemy the weapon deems an enemy of Cheliax, it can cast finger of death at will. It has an Ego of 23.

Cost: 200,444gp

EDIT: A friend advised me to deduct the price by 10% since it can kill you by using Finger of Death on you should it gain control and decide you're a threat to Cheliax.

Archpaladin Zousha
2011-03-11, 09:00 AM
Anyone? I know this is a pretty potent weapon, but I don't want it to be too overpowered.