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2011-03-09, 08:44 PM
I am attempting to write an ongoing story set in the Nexus. I'll try to update at least once per day :smallsmile:

There are millions of universes, all part of the web known as the multiverse. And the center of this, this web, has many names. Some simply call it The Center, others call it Universe X, but nearly everyone calls it the same thing. Nexus.
They say when all of creation was first made, the Nexus was two seperate entities. One of the entities was known as ACRO, and populated with various orginizations dedicated to a particular cause, such as Redemption, or Smiting Evil.
The other entity was known as The Town. The Town was on a Disc and on this Disc, The Town took up much of the middle. The rest of the Disc included Forests, Snow-tipped Mountains, and a Desert.
Then one fateful day, by the very Embodiments* Will, the two merged together, forming the planet known as The Nexus. The Town remained the largest city, while the Orginizations remained.
They say all roads lead to The Nexus, which is true. But then there are those who say all roads lead away from the Nexus. Then there are those that say using various universes to mean roads in a metaphor is very stupid, which is true.
And now, the true story begins.

*-The Embodiments are divine beings, beyond gods, unique in the single aspect that they don't require any worshippers. The Embodiments live in a realm of untold splendor, known as Dunclasten in the language of the gods, or The Mountain that is Divine in the language of mortals

Part One
There is a saying, that goes something like this: Hell is for Eternity. And for every saying, there is one person or thing it doesn't apply to. The man exempt to this particular saying, wasn't having a very great day. His peaceful day off from protecting the innocent turned into well, protecting the innocent.
Some moron said something to another moron, and a barfight had began. And what turned into small, barroom brawl quickly spilled out, and into the streets, and soon, the street brawl attracted more and more fighters, until finally, the fight spread across five city blocks.
The Town Police had been called in, to little avail. And once again, the man had been called in to protect the innocent, to perform his duties as a man of law.
First, the man tried to resolve the matter peacefully, by asking the fighters to stop. And when the man had a rock thrown at him, all hell broke loose. in the next ten minutes, over seventy-five fighters had been knocked out by one, very angry, man. And when a young child, barely over the age of five, asked who he was, the man simply said "I am a Lawman."
And the man left, to begin his peaceful day off once more.

2011-03-10, 07:14 PM
Part Two
At the exact same moment the Lawman was out fighting over seventy-five fighters, a plan two years in the making set off. Over the past two years, minor, inconnected crimes had happened. A jewel robbery in The Town, plans for a top-secret weapon stolen stolen, dwarves mining unpermitted in the Undercity...
To those unaware of the plan, these seemed all minor. Unrelated. And yet, it was the first stroke of a masterful plan. A plan so devious, so deadly, the gods themselves wouldn't think of it.
Oh yes, the "Lawman" would pay, oh yes, vengeance and justice will both be dealt on the "Lawman."
Step Two of the plan was just set forth.


A bank's alarms began ringing. The Lawman, sighing, went to investigate...