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2011-03-11, 10:42 PM
1) What would you say the following? The reason he killed two Devas was to eat their body and gain more power. He found a ritual that would let him gain more power by eating the body of a dead being of celestial status or greater.
2) What if he was originally by instead of falling to Hell or the Abyss he fall to Gehenna? What would cause him to fall to that plane instead of the Abyss or Hell?
3) Would he better as a fallen Solar or Planetar?
4) How do improve both of his form's description? Would make him look more originally to stay away from the reverse image of an angel? So what would be a good way to go with the character's humanoid form then? Would it be better if he has two pairs of insect wings and a pair of bat wings instead of wings that are charred down to the bone?
5) What would be some good abilities for it to have? I was think that you have to kill both forms before he is truly destroyed?
6) Could someone draw both of his forms for me?
Human Form: He looks like an extraordinarily tall decrepit frightening looking human-like male that stands nine feet tall. His wings are charred down to the bone. Black, glowing veins running throughout withered skin that is mottled green and blue-violet. Thick monstrous segmented horns start at the front of his hairline and move over his head, to the back of his skull where they extend outward, curl, and come to a point. He has a wild mane of coarse silver-grey hair. His gaunt face is hideously ugly. The large eyes flicker with black fire. The jagged iron teeth in his misshapen mouth are yellow in color. The hands are large and gnarled. The five feet long tail is forked, splitting into two smaller tails after the first foot of length. Both hands have five fingers and a thumb that have an extra joint. A sharp crimson claw comes out each handís five fingers and thumb.
Monstrous Form: A huge creature that tower thirteen feet in height walks in. His is thickly muscled body is covered in mottled ash-grey, bony plates. His huge oval head is monstrous in appearance and low slung between his shoulders. The horizontal axis of the head is the longest. The back corners of his skull have an enormous pair of backward-pointing spikes that are six inches long; these are surrounded by three smaller spikes. The ears resemble the wings of a bat. The large eyes are solid black voids, and looking into them is akin to looking into the darkest corner of oneís soul. His long deep powerful jaws are rimmed with six inches long razor sharp tusk-like teeth. Curving out from both sides of the heck is a set of four horns which protect the neck and shoulder. The arms and hands are gnarled. Both hands have five fingers and a thumb that have an extra joint. A sharp crimson claw comes out of each of the fingers and thumbs. The serpentine tail is prehensile and measures five feet in length. The feet have six toes with an extra joint. A sharp iron-like claw tipped each toe.

2011-03-18, 05:01 PM
I was think he might have look like the description below before falling.
There stands before you an empyreal figure that appears to be a twelve feet tall human male with four arms. Three pairs of wings of made out of golden light sprout from his back. The wings have a wingspan of thirty-six feet. He is muscular, sleek muscles rippling under glowing golden skin. His amber colored hair reaches down to his broad shoulder. His angelic looking face has a strong, square jaw line and a square hairline. His three eyes are bright golden in color and burn like miniature suns. His third eye is located in the center of his forehead. He wears a flowing robe made from a thin silk like material. If you look at it closely the random starry night pictured on it becomes a moving galaxy of its own. Within this galaxy you can see the sun in all its glory. Look at it too long and so you will feel like you are surrounded by the swirling vortex that is the cosmos. In his upper hands he holds a magnificent looking two-handed sword that is fifty-five inches in length. The blade of this sword is glowing and always gives off light as a torch (20-foot radius). His left lower hand holds a magnificent longsword with a glowing blade. In his lower right hand he holds a magnificent golden mace. He holds each weapon as if it where an extension of his body. A cloud of bright light radiates out from him in a one hundred and twenty-feet radius.