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2011-03-13, 06:29 AM
Better name requested.

This is set within the D&D 3.5e rules. It originally was intended to be a fan comic, but due to several problems in my life, the chances of that happening became exceptionally unlikely. After condensing the story, I'm now translating it to written format. This is attempting to be different to other stories, whether that is good or bad is up to the reader.

Anyways, onto the story. This, while being set along the rules of 3.5e, bends and occasionally breaks the rules in sevice of drama, humor or whenever it would make for a better story.

Major Characters:
Eric Robertson|Paladin|Human|Lawful Good|Idealistic paladin, always tries to do what he considers to be morally right over what's smart. Tries.
Alexander ????|Cloistered Cleric|Human (half-celestial)|Neutral Good|The roleplayer. Biggest insults are "Purity Sue", or "Marty Stu", on account of his template and alignment. Chose the Good and Healing domains.
Pyotr Stanislav|Variant Ranger|Half-elf|Chaotic Good|Supplies the ranged support. Eternal cynic, often in competition with Eric.
James Morrigon|Focused Specialist Conjurer|Elf|True Neutral|The munchkin wizard. Barred Evocation, Enchantment and Abjuration. The pragmatic one.
Uture Arothi|Barbarian/ Fighter|Dwarf|Chaotic Neutral|Often plays the meat shield.[/table]

A world had finally achieved peace. With most lesser nations absorbed into a series of multinational kingdoms, which had all signed a peace treaty. Without the constant threats of invasion, the kingdoms began to focus on empowering themselves, enhancing their economies and building their lands.

Peace never lasts. One powerful evil creature still exists on this world. It is extradimensional in origin, believed to be permanently banished here by whatever inhabited its home dimension. When it arrived, it assumed command over all the denizens of Baator by killing any Outsider, or even god, that opposed it. Soon, it had most Lawful Evil fiends rallying behind him, eager to conquer all the other planes. Some daemons and demons joined, the daemons to recieve their share of power, the demons for the opportunity to burn the Upper Planes. Its presence and danger forced most planes into a long, slow war with the Lower Planes, including a war between the Abyss, the Grey Waste and Baator.

The creature realised it was in a war it couldn't win, even with all of its powers. One day, it vanished. Without the creature leading the devils, the Blood War resumed in normal order. All believed the creature had returned to its home dimension, and only the deities knew better. They weren't telling anyone, but the creature was far too smart, too mailcious, too ambitious to give up like that. It had hidden itself in the Prime Material Plane, deep within a mountain range, biding its time, growing stronger. Waiting, until it was at last powerful enough to rule every plane.

So, what do you think of this so far?

Will try to update as often as possible.

2011-03-17, 10:25 PM
It sounds good I hope to read some more. ^-^b<(thumb up) Good luck