View Full Version : 4th ed name healing optional rules

2011-03-16, 04:32 PM
inspired by order of the stick

part 1
whenever a nameless character (nicknames count as names) has hitpoints less then there bloody value they can say there name and gain hit points = to there healing surge value (if it's only part of there name such as just there first name or just there last they gain half the healing surge value).

part 2
a nameless character has a -2 penalty to all defenses( if part is given its a -1 penalty)
part 3
the character must say they have a name though shouldn't give it at character creation.

comments please

2011-03-17, 08:23 AM
This should only apply to NPC's that ally themselves with the party or villains the GM wishses to make reoccuring so they also give reason to name him/her/it.