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Gaius Marius
2011-03-17, 12:37 PM
Yahoooo!! Just bought the bus ticket to go visit Boston!! :smallbiggrin:

(Montrealer here, so bear with me)

Already got a friend there who will show me around and bring me to the Garden for a Bruins game (NOT the Habs/Bruins game of the 24th, that's too volatile). That'll be awesome!

Keld Denar
2011-03-17, 01:15 PM

I used to live there. I dunno if you are into nightlife, but I used to have a blast going to a few of the bars down around Quincy Market. During the day, check out some of the touriesty stuff like walking the Freedom Trail and eating chowder downtown. Its a blast. Make sure to take some time to wander through the Commons though (during the day), they are pretty nice.

If you like Irish pubs, I used to live in Brighton, just north of downtown. There were like, 6 Irish pubs within stumbling distance of my apt (The Corrib, Green Briar, Castle Pub, Irish Villiage, Kels, and I think one other...). Castle was my favorite, but Green Briar had kinda a younger vibe to it.

Also, make sure you sample Mike's Pastries and Modern Pastries canoli's! You won't be disappointed!

Gaius Marius
2011-03-17, 01:55 PM
Thanks for the tip! :-)

Something I HAVE to do, something I SHOULD NOT do? :smallamused:

2011-03-17, 03:12 PM
If you're going to do touristy things, I suggest the Duck Tours. I haven't actually been on one, but they've almost run me over several times.

I hear good things about the Sam Adams brewery, but seeing as you come from the land of Unibroue that may be below your standards of excellence.

Check out Cambridge as well. It's a separate city on the other side of the river.

2011-03-17, 05:28 PM
I've been to the Sam Adams brewery. It's nice if you want a quick, funny tour and know nothing about the brewing process. The guides are quite witty, and you get to taste everything from the barley and hops to the final product. But if you understand brewing, or have seen bigger facilities, or just are short on time or money, then I would not recommend it.

There are many old pubs in the area. The oldest in the United States is the Bell in Hand (http://www.bellinhand.com/ ), which is fun with friends. I loved it.

Someone already mentioned the Freedom Trail. The Trail is quite long, so if you have limited time you might want to look it up, and choose a part of it to explore.

You should make a point of using the T (subway) while you are there. It's very old, so it's like a ride back it time if you are used to the newer trains of Washington DC, for example.

I personally like the Gardner Museum, which was the personal collection (and home) of Isabella Gardner. It's very relaxing and romantic, with art work from all around the world, some of which is incorporated into a garden in the atruim. But it's not for everyone. And be aware the security is very strict there: you can't draw or use a cell phone while in the museum.

Check out the website for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, if you enjoy music. (Their site also has info for the Boston Pops.) ( www.bso.org )

In the spring the Public Garden is a nice place for a ramble. Swan Boats! Yay!

Have fun!

2011-03-19, 05:01 AM
i have friends from boston
boston has a couple pretty nice museums, i would recommend the natural history one

2011-04-05, 05:41 PM
Note to everyone going to Boston:

The subways suck.:smallannoyed:

2011-04-05, 05:46 PM
Boston has a couple nice pub. I... forget... their names though.

When I go to Boston, I never forget my cap.

Cookie to whoever gets it.

2011-04-05, 06:25 PM
Just remember that "wicked" is an adverb or a musical, not an adjective.

2011-04-06, 08:36 AM
Note to everyone going to Boston:

The subways suck.:smallannoyed:

You think that, and then you move to, say, Oklahoma...which doesn't really have any public transportation in the least.
And then you're like "Man, those Subways were wicked awesome."

Zeb The Troll
2011-04-07, 02:39 AM
You think that, and then you move to, say, Oklahoma...which doesn't really have any public transportation in the least.What do you mean "no public transportation"? There's no shortage of pickups you can hitch a ride in the back of. Some of them are even nice enough to supply a mattress for your comfort! :smalltongue:

And then you're like "Man, those Subways were wicked awesome.":smallcool:

2011-04-07, 07:16 AM
Hello fellow Montrealer,

I spent a few days in Boston last year, so if I can recommend you anything it would be to visit Quincy Market which you probably will see. If I can recommend a nice place to eat it would The Paramount, If your friend lives near Beacon Hill ( the neighborhood) it's a must.

Have fun in Boston!

2011-04-07, 01:52 PM
I went to school in Boston. Most of my favorite things to do were the free things...
One place I like is the Arnold Arboretum. You take the Orange line to the end at Forest Hills. It's a good place for a picnic.
On Sunday mornings before noon, you can get into the Harvard Natural History Museum (in Cambridge) for free.