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2011-03-19, 09:29 AM
March 15: Celebrate Orzel's cousin's birthday
March 16: Not eat Orzel's own birthday cake.
March 17: Clean for party.
March 18: Woohooness

And during the woohooness, I found something I thought I lost. My bowling ball of years past. Swirly and blue with my name and a huge crack etched in it. Memory of my grandfather's strike pie (I got pie each time I got a strike) rushed into my head.

Still a terrible bowler.
Still don't know how I found the ball (oh yeah almost broke my foot!)

So what missing things (beloved or behated) have you found?

2011-03-19, 03:00 PM
I lost a Map. It was a map I drew for a story I was working on. It was very important. And I can't find it.


Found? Nothing, really.

2011-03-19, 05:00 PM
I lost my favorite necklace. It is a pendant of Ganesha, whelmer of obstacles, who inspired me during some Pretty Bad Times. And also, I love them potbellied gods.

It was missing even after I tore apart my studio looking for it. I knew it could not have gone far by itself; yet it seemed to have found a very good hiding place. The weird part is: since I wear it often, I'm not sure how I could possibly have misplaced it.

It was AWOL for almost two months. I found it yesterday, by sheer chance. I was pulling a bungee cord out of a box, and the necklace came with it like a fish caught on a hook. What the ...

Never mind. I'm so thankful it's back.



2011-03-19, 05:17 PM
not completely lost...

A guy came over to my house with some mutual friends, my apartment was tiny so we ended up in the bedroom when I wanted to show everyone something. My butterfly knife got scooped up at one point and I was told I'd get it back when the guy got one for himself. Not wanting to argue with the guy who had a knife, I agreed, seeing as nobody else jumped in to defend my property.

The people he was rooming with stole it and I got it back within a month, he was amazed, and he's convinced there's some sort of boomerang magic on my stuf that made it come back to me.

2011-03-19, 08:03 PM
I actually found my first D&D set over the summer while cleaning my mom's house. 2nd edition basic, looked like this:

I was about 10 when I bought that thing. It seems so simple now, but I found to rules to be rather confusing back then.

I didn't even know what D&D was when I got it. I just had $10 in birthday money, and spotted it at KB toys. It looked interesting, and I chose it over a couple of TMNT figures.

I vaguely remembered watching a cartoon of that name, but it seemed generic enough a title to have no connection. And the cover didn't look anything like the toon. Best I could tell, it was some kind of board game.

Got even more confusing when I opened it up in the car. The "board" was paper, the "instruction booklet" was about half an inch thick, and there was this cardboard thing that had all sorts of scary math on it.

What won me over was the dice. I'd never even seen a die that wasn't six sided before, and they were awesome. Still have the d20, as a good luck charm. And thus a lifelong hobby was born.

PS: The included adventure, Escape from Zanzer's Dungeon, was classic. I ought to adapt that to 3.5 or 4E some day.