View Full Version : Attention All Melbournites (or those who have stayed in Melbourne)

2011-03-20, 07:28 PM
Does anybody in Melbourne have a place for one or two people to stay for a week in April? Most likely dates are Tuesday 12th to Tuesday 19th, April.

Please let me know if you might be able to house 1 person, or if 2 people could fit (separate beds, foldout/blowup/camping mattresses ok).

2011-03-21, 04:21 AM
Sadly, my family no longer lives in Melbourne, thought our grandparents still do! Give me a shout if you need a place to crash in Canberra (that said, i'd need parents and all that.)

2011-03-24, 04:47 PM
Update: Dates are set in stone - Tuesday 12th to Tuesday 19th, April

Looking more and more likely that it will only be the one person. Even if you only have a spare bed for part of this time, it would be most appreciated.

For those that have stayed in Melbourne:
What are the cheapest places? Have you stayed anywhere cheap? Do you have any recommendations for or against any places?

2011-04-06, 05:44 AM
Update: Definitely just the one person. Last call for a place to stay, otherwise it will be a backpackers. Will bring cake*.

*Ok, the cake was a lie, but will find some way to express gratitude.

P.S. I asked Rawhide if it was ok to double post because it had been so long and I had new information, he said it would be ok.