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2011-03-22, 04:38 AM
Note: I am a lover of all things prismatic, and I've always wanted a prismatic effect for weapons, but its impractical as a weapon enhancement, so I made a spell for it. I don't have much to say, mostly I just want to know if its balanced and if there are any reasons why it should be changed.

Prismatic Imbuement (I'm all for a better name, fyi)
Wiz/Sor 3 (I figure its about on par with fireball, give your $.02)
S, V, MC
standard action casting time
range: personal (any weapon you are currently holding)
duration: 1 minute per level until discharged? (any reason why thats bad?)

Your weapon is charged with prismatic energy and is constantly shifting in a vivid array of bright colors and gives off light equivalent to a torch. This spell can only be cast on a manufactured weapon (so no bar stools or unarmed strikes) and is cancelled if you ever drop or lose grip on your weapon, and you cannot hand the charged weapon to someone else without losing the charge (unless you share a spellbond as with a familiar). The weapon discharges on the first successful attack made with the weapon. If cast on a projectile weapon, it transfers the charge to the ammunition of that weapon, and discharges on the first successful hit made with the projectile weapon (and the projectile weapon itself emits light, as does the ammunition once fired).

Once a successful attack is made, roll a d8.
1 - 1d6 fire damage per level (max 10d6)
2 - electricity
3 - cold
4 - acid
5 - sonic
6 - the target must make a will save or be afflicted with plane shift to a random plane
7 - the target must make a fort save vs. petrification (as flesh to stone)
8 - roll twice ignoring any further results of 8

Material components: a weapon and a small prism


2011-03-22, 07:40 AM
This requires a lot of dice-rolling. I would make the damage amounts static, in keeping with other Prismatic spells.

This is a bit better than fireball since fire is the most frequently resisted/immune element from what I hear, this includes sonic (which standard prismatic effects do not), and some other effects one wouldn't get for a few levels. I suggest at least level 4.

2011-03-22, 07:42 AM
I would suggest to change the sonic damage to d4 - in order to keep in line with the tradition of sonic damage (usually) being in d4 (that's because it's almost impossible to resist sonic damage)