View Full Version : Help needed for accommodation in Canberra

2011-03-22, 08:12 AM
Attention residents of Canberra, or if you know anyone living in Canberra.

I have a friend from another forum who is in somewhat urgent need of share-rent or similar shared-house accommodation. Here is what he posted in the other forum (reposted here with his permission):

My living arrangements over the past few years could best be described as "poisonous" - my housemate has been growing increasingly irrational where I'm concerned, to the point where not much less than a year ago I caught him in a false memory that not only painted me as the villain, but which if examined closely makes everyone involved look irrational. Unfortunately, though, he has all the power in the relationship - he owns the house, and my own financial circumstances haven't been good enough to move on my own initiative over the period - and he knows it.

I'm sure you can all see why this isn't exactly good for my overall sanity - basically, whenever I'm in the house (I'm not going to grace it by calling it "home") I've been in a constant state of feeling like I'm treading on eggshells.

Anyway, this all came to a head last week - when I got back on Tuesday evening, he gave me a set of demands that basically boiled down to having me clean pretty much the entire house for him on a weekly basis, including cleaning up after any events he might plan to run in the house. To cut a long story short, I protested, and now I've been given until mid-April in order to move out.

Now, I'm not at risk of ending up homeless - the problem is, though, that my current fallback position involves moving back in with my father in Brisbane, and for a number of reasons that would be highly inconvenient. Responses from people I've talked to so far in the area have basically boiled down to "that sucks, can't help you myself, but I'll talk to someone who might be able to... but can't guarantee anything."

Anyway... for most of you, this is basically just a "this is what's going on". If any of you DO happen to know anywhere in Canberra I might be able to take refuge, however, that would be greatly appreciated.

TL,DR version: a friend with a limited budget needs a place to share rent in Canberra quite urgently.

If you or anyone you know can help out with share rent or boarding in Canberra for $100/week (or less), please post a comment in this thread and PM me some contact details so I can pass them on to my friend.

Thank you for your assistance.