View Full Version : Internet Difficulties etc.

Mercenary Pen
2011-03-22, 10:43 AM
This is just me letting people know properly why I haven't been online for a few weeks now.

Basically things started with the need to query charges in a phone-bill. Not my problem I thought, because my dad was going to do that. Only he comes down ill when he was going to be doing it and, with nobody else able to get through to a real person at their customer services, the phoneline gets disconnected.

Eventually, the bill is paid (including the charges we wanted to contest), the phoneline is reconnected, but with a new number. So, that done, we get onto our internet provider to transfer our account with them to the new phone number. Unfortunately, at the same time, both their computer system and the hardware between us and the local telephone exchange are being upgraded, so they put the details into their computer system, programmed to use the new infrastructure at the exchange when it comes online, and the upgrade project there continues to run past its deadline. In fact, its still running, leaving me without net access at home, even now.

So, I'm now using what I can get at the local library, but that only amounts to half an hour free per day, after which I'll have to pay- and I'm short on funds until the 28th, so hopefully after that I'll be able to get more done.