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flare X2
2011-03-22, 04:43 PM
I'm gonna be writing a fictional story of sorts here. The reason i'm doin' it hear is because I would like to shear it (and I need a deadline sorta ting inorder to get it wrote in the first place.) please add any comments or pointers you wish on hear i'll need all the help I can get :smallsmile:. I will hopefully be able to do a chapter fortnightly, weekly if posible.

EDIT: now gramma-tised


"Forget who you are"
He was in a room of sterile white the only thing that told him he was still alive was the cold metal seat he sat in. But his attention was drawn to other things. The emerald eye's of the speaker captivated him and trapped him. It was as if everything he thought was open and readable like a page of a book.
"Forget your friends, and you family. Those thoughts can only hinder you in the dark hour to come." his voice drifted as his unclear image was swallowed by the white.

He snapped back into reality, expecting to be in the white to his relief, and yet dread, he wasn't. He found himself in the cold ,dank and dark interior of an helicopter.
The thunder of rotors hammered at his ears. Confined with him where four other men, all in desert ready military gear. Above each of their heads, in the tight net was a bag each. They each held a gun in their hand that weighed a lot more than they where used to and where much more mechanical than your standard issue, but on the other hand more reliable. especially where they where going.
The youngest of the group looked at him in awe. However the more veteran among them showed no interest and he thought he spotted a sneer from one. he just tried to keep to himself, not to be noticed.
One of the pilots tapped on the window between the cockpit and cargo hold.
"We will be entering the white-out zone soon" came the glass muffled announcement, and in almost in perfect timing the chopper gave a shudder. The pilot took his attention back to his controls. A rapid and panicked conversation between the co-pilot and pilot. he began to fell heavy as he strapped himself into his seat. the other's followed suit.
It then had become apparent that the rotors had stopped. Screams filled the cargo hold from the cockpit. Not a sound from the soldiers, they where trained for this.
He had almost succumbed to the fear himself when he clasped his eye's shut and chanted like a ma on his death bed.
"Forget who you are, forget your friends. Forget your family. Forget..."