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So here's a race I made based of the Kor from Magic the gathering, and I would like you opinions and criticisms plz, thank you for you time.

"It seems, sir, that their is an oasis on the other side of the valley, although it seems their is a hoard of monstrous scorpions surrounding it. What is your command?"
"You should know by now what Iwe are going to do."
"Understood sir, I will advance the caravans."
"Good, nothing better than a meal with a drink. The total relaxation package."
-Sanguine and Azure Darksand
Kor clanhead and warrior in training

A race of Humanoids, Kori are known simple as "The Nomads of the Desert." It is unknown where they hail from, some theorize another plane altogether, but wherever their are deserts, the race is surely to be found. They are known for their tenacity to never give up in combat, and to even die trying to defend their family and allies. They travel the deserts and search for structures which they call home, using as much as they can without creating anything unnecessary, and destroying the nature in the process.

Personality: Kori are a very serious race, but they'll joke around when they have nothing to fret. Due to living in the deserts for, what one could assume, their entire races history, they must be serious in any case so that their clan is safe as possible. They will never give up on their goal if one is set before them, making sure that they accomplish it no matter the level of difficulty. Although this may be the case, they tend to help out anyone they meet while traveling the deserts, but their precautions for those who they meet. They tend to not take kindly towards prideful individuals, and even less so to manipulators, in some cases even mortally wounding these people.

Physical Description: Kori are average in height and build, although for some reason they appear to be slim no matter the weight. Their height can range from 4-1/2 to 6 feet tall and weighing on average 115 lb. for females and 135 lb. for males. Even if males or females are heavy, they don't appear to be, in fact, they always appear to be thin. Although in some matriarchal clans, the females are said to appear fat nobody knows why, but it occurs randomly. They are very agile, but tend to be frail. Although they have lived in the deserts, their skin is incredibly pale. It ranges from white to a light tan and having hair that is usually comes in the shades that are natural to humans. Kor have body hair typical for humans, some males grow beards usually only on their chin's. They prefer simple clothes, only wearing what is necessary to survive the desert, but is typically white baggy clothing to hide weapons from their enemies as well as their skin from the sun, although it doesn't effect them at all. Their facial appearances are usually referred towards females as cute, and males as stoic. A Kor reaches adult age at around 80 years old and can live up to more than 500 years old. All Kori lack Irises, but their eyes are instead one solid color, ranging from white to dark purple. Kori also have pointed ears very similar to elves, although they are longer than most high elves. Nobody knows why this is, but some theorize that the Kori are in fact a mutation of a group of Half-elves. No ones sure, but the Kori due share very similar qualities to the Half-elves.

Relations: Kori consider most races as the same, nothing against them, but nothing for them either. They have no true relations towards any race, but will help anyone that they find that wanders the desert. They always show the greatest amount of aspiration and kindness towards individuals who seek adventure and appreciation for nature. The only time they have tenacity towards any person, or group, is either due to cowardice, pride, or the destruction of nature itself.

Alignment: Due to the Kori's belief that all should be helped, unless they show signs of weak will, they gravitate towards good. Kori don't care to much of the idea of law or chaos, usually leaning towards neutrality.

Kori Lands: Although it is unknown where the Kori originally hail from, they have no known definitive home. Most Kori live in the deserts living in nomadic clans usually numbering from 20 to 70 individuals, in some extreme cases 100 individuals. They seek the deserts for it is the only place that has not been touched by other races and altered in anyway. It is the epitome of survivability, something they view as symbolic to themselves. They travel across the deserts, looking for abandoned structures, oasis's, caves, and underground tunnels so that they can build their homes. They frequently meet others through their travels and protect them while they can. Kori met in anything other than deserts are usually on a pilgrimage to protect and save others, as well as to see the destruction of the natural world from other races.

Religion: Kori don't worship any particular god, but instead view that the world itself should be worshiped. Although this may be the case, clerics in Kori society tend to worship Aurifar and Solanil due to the two gods connection to the desert.

Language: All Kori know common along with elven. Elves view this language as crude, and they refer it to having an accent. The Elves aren't entirely sure how the Kori know elven, but for as long as the Kori have been, they have spoken both languages.

Names: When a Kori is born, they are immediately names within minutes. Kori first names are usually named after synonyms to color, usually referring to either their eyes or hair. All Kori have the same surname, the exact same as the clan they are born into. The surnames are based around things that are seen in the desert. Some Kori are given a middle "nickname" in life after being observed during childhood and they are seen as unique. These names refer to how they act, and are chosen by either their parents, the clan head, or the elder council of the clan.

Male Names: Alabaster, Atramentous, Azure, Beryl, Ocherous, Sanguine, Violaceous, Xanthous.

Female Names: Amaranthine, Amber, Cerulean, Melanoid, Pallid, Scarlet, Titian, Viridian.

Surnames: Blazingsun, Darksand, Flatland, Gushingflood, Nightplain, Sandrose, Shadowdune, Stormcloud, Sunoasis, Windgust.

Middle Names: Angst, Curiosity, Despair, Ecstasy, Grief, Lust, Jealousy, Pity, Remorse, Sorrow.

Adventurers: Kori take adventuring to bring good to society and to see and experience the ideas of nature and civilization. Kori seek to help out others, and adventuring is what they view as the best way possible. They also wish to see the rest of the world, soaking up the natural environment wherever they go.

Kor Racial Traits
- +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution: Kori are agile, but frail. A Kor's finesse makes him a better at dodging blows while in combat. -Medium.
-Kor base speed is 30 feet. -Desert Adaptability: The Kori live in the heat, because the heat doesn't affect them. Kori are considered under the effects of the Endure Elements spell when affected by heat.
-Hide Mastery: After countless generations of wearing the hides from the creatures they kill across the desert, they have mastered the use of it, although at a cost. A Kor always counts as if having the Light Armor proficiency feat when ever they are wearing either padded, leather, or hide armor, and the armor penalty is lessened by one. Kori suffer a -2 penalty to all checks if they are wearing armor that contains metal of any kind. Also, whenever a Kori performs any craft check that involves animal hide, they get a +2 inherent bonus due to training in the art for their entire lives.
-Low-light vision: A Kor can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
-Weapon Proficiency: Kori receive the Exotic Proficiency feat for the Karambit and the Wind and Fire Wheels. The Kori use these weapons through their travels with great proficiency, training with them at a very young age.
-+2 racial bonus on listen checks: Due to the Kori's great ears they can easily hear better than humans.
-Automatic Languages: Common and Elven. Bonus languages: Dwarven, Gnome, Halfling, Orc. Kori learn the languages of the primary races while along their desert travels, just in case they aren't as truthful as they say. -Favored Class: Druid. A multiclass Kor's druid class does not count when determining he take an experience point penalty for multiclassing.

The Kori use two weapons not commonly found in most countries, both weapons created by them; the Karambit and the Wind and Fire wheels.

Karambit: This light one-handed exotic weapon is similar to a hooked dagger usually a foot long in length. While this weapon is wielded the user gains a +2 bonus to resist disarm checks and can use these for climb checks as well.

Wind and Fire Wheels: These duo light-handed weapons are always used as a pair, and are sold as such. The weapons is fifteen inches in diameter. One quarter-segment has a padded grip with a cross-guard; the other three segments have protruding flame-styled blades. With one wheel in each hand, the practitioner can slash, stab, parry, or disarm an opponent. The user gets a +2 bonus on disarm checks when using these weapons.

Weapon Cost Damage Critical Range Weight Type
Karambit 25 gp 1d6 19-20/x3 - 2 lb. Slashing or Piercing

Wind and 60 gp 1d6 18-20/x2 - 5 lb. Slashing
Fire Wheels

Random Height and Weight
Race Base Height Base Weight
Height Modifier Weight Modifier
Kor, Male 4' 8" +2d8 100 lb. x (1d8) lb.
Kor, Female 4' 5" +2d8 80 lb. x (1d8) lb.

Random Starting Ages

Adulthood Easy Medium Advanced
Kor 80 +3d8 +4d8 +5d8

Aging affects

Middle Age Old Vernerable Maximum Age
150 years 240 years 325 years +2d% years

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Here is a list of subraces, sorry for the double-post. Any opinions are excepted, I just want to know if its mediocre, good, bad, whatever really. I just wish to balance said race, or possible have it make more sense. Ty for your time

The above info describes what most consider the "True Kori", otherwise the most common variety. Their are four other major sub-races of the Kori, so similar to the race, that many believed they were originally Kori with minor mutations.

Unlike their so-called cousins, the En-Kori are naturally tough and lack agility that their brethren have. They appear the same as their relatives, excluding their bulkier and taller appearances as well as darker range of skin. The En-Kori are commonly found within Kori clans and families, commonly suited towards being body guards due to their natural tough exteriors. They have also been known to live in their own clans, but are usually always found with at least one "True Kori" within their group.
En-Kor Traits (Ex): These traits are in addition to the True Kor traits, except where noted.
- +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity. These adjustments replace the True Kor's ability score adjustments.
- Darkvision out to 120 feet. This trait replaces the True Kor's low-light vision.
- Weapon Proficiency: Unlike their cousins, the En-Kori trained with a different set of weapons from youth. En-Kori have proficiency with the Siangham and the Halberd. This replaces the True Kor's weapon proficiency.
- Favored Class: Monk. This trait replaces the True Kor's favored class.

Very similar to the True Kori, the Il-Kori are very good at subterfuge and sneak attacks. The Il-Kor have the same build as the their cousins, although their skin appears in shades of blue and their hair is is commonly white. Il-Kori are found in small tight knit clans, usually refraining from meeting outside individuals. They are sometimes hired for assassination's due their innate ability to not be seen.
Il-Kor Traits (Ex): These traits are in addition to the True Kor traits, except where noted.
- +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma. These adjustments replace the True Kor's ability score adjustments.
- Hide Mastery: The Il-Kori have the same ability just as the True Kori, except they don't get a bonus towards craft checks.
- Weapon Proficiency: Unlike their cousins, the Il-Kori trained with a different set of weapons from youth. Il-Kori have proficiency with the Eagle's Claw and the Finger-blade. This replaces the True Kor's weapon proficiency.
- Natural Stealth: The Il-Kori have a natural aura about them that makes them hard to Notice. Il-Kor receive a +2 bonus towards Hide and Move Silently checks.
- Favored Class: Rogue. This trait replaces the True Kor's favored class.

The Ar-Kori are distant relatives to the True Kori, they are known for their riding skills. The Ar-Kori are built the same as the True Kori, although they do look scrawnier than their brethren. Ar-Kori are found in clans the same size as the True Kori, although they are commonly found herding animals of the desert. They are commonly found passing through towns within the desert, unlike their cousins, and give safe passageway for in exchange of food.
Ar-Kor Traits (Ex): These traits are in addition to the True Kor traits, except where noted.
- +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength. These adjustments replace the True Kor's ability score adjustments.
- Weapon Proficiency: Unlike their cousins, the Ar-Kori trained with a different weapon from youth. Il-Kori have proficiency with the Lance. This replaces the True Kor's weapon proficiency.
- +2 racial bonus to Ride checks; The Ar-Kori have been training to use mounts since they were young.
- Favored Class: Rogue. This trait replaces the True Kor's favored class.

The Tu-Kori are near exact duplicates to the True Kori, excluding a few qualities. Unlike the True Kori, the Tu-Kori are commonly found in cold plains opposed to warm deserts like their cousins, but have the same ideology. They share the same group dynamics as their cousins, although they are more serious than their brethren.
Tu-Kor Traits (Ex): These traits are in addition to the True Kor traits, except where noted.
-Tundra Adaptability: The Tu-Kori live in the cold, because the cold doesn't affect them. Tu-Kori are considered under the effects of the Endure Elements spell when affected by cold. This replaces the True Kori's Desert Adaptability ability.
- Weapon Proficiency: Unlike their cousins, the Tu-Kori trained with a different set of weapons from youth. Il-Kori have proficiency with the Ice Axe and Iuak. This replaces the True Kor's weapon proficiency.