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2011-03-24, 06:10 AM
In the current campain we're playing, the bunch is taking some quests around hunting some powerful creatures for parts, eggs or others. I will post them if this thread gets any attention.

The reason I post this thread is because I want to know what more experienced players and DMs think of this creature before sending my players against it. It's based off the Rathian from Monster Hunter, and I used the Wyvern as a base.

Wyrv 14 Solo Brute
Huge natural beast (reptile) XP 5,000

HP 704; Bloodied 352
Initiative + 12
AC: 26; Fort 26; Refl 22; Will 22
Resist 10 Poison, 10 Fire
Saving Throw: +5
Speed 8, fly 10 (hover)
Action Points: 2

Bite (standard; at-will)
Reach 3; +17 vs AC; 2d8+8 damage.

Sting (standard; at-will)
Reach 3; +17 vs AC; 1d10+5 damage, and the wyrv makes a secondary attack against the same target. Secondary Attack: +15 vs Fortitude; ongoing 10 poison damage (save ends).

Poison bite (standard, at-will)
The Wyrv bites. If it hits, it stings.

Flyby Attack (standard; at-will)
The wyrv flies up to 8 squares and make one basic attack against any enemy during that movement. The wyrv doesn't provoke opportunity attacks when moving away from the target.

Tail Sweep (standard; recharge 6)
+15 vs Refl; 1d10+5 damage, and the target is pushed 3 squares and ends prone, and the wyrm may shift 3 squares and make a secondary attack: +13 vs Refl; 1d10+2 damage, and the target is pushed 2 squares and ends prone.

Timely Snack (minor, at-will when bloodied)
The wyrm snatches a minion within 3 squares and eats it, regaining 15 hp and killing the minion.

Intimidating Roar (minor, thundering; recharge 6)
close burst 2; +13 vs Fortitude; 1d8+6 and target is stunned
until the end of the Wyrv's next turn.

Fire Blast (standard; recharge 4-5-6)
Ranged 10 burst 1; +14 vs Refl;3d10+6 fire damage. Miss: Half damage

Backshift (standard; at-will; blast 3)
+13 vs Fortitude; 1d10+6 damage, and the target is pushed 2 squares and is knocked prone. Effect: The Wyrv shifts up to 4 squares and must land.

Bloodied Repulsion (free, when first bloodied; encounter)
close burst 2; +15 vs Fortitude; 4d10+8 damage, and the target is pushed 3 squares and ends prone. Miss: Half-Damage.

Frustration Trash (aura 2, when blinded, dazed, prone, immobilized)
Every creature starting its turn within the aura takes 8 damages.

Str 26 Dex 15 Wis 20
Con 23 Int 2 Cha 20

Please tell me what you think of it. Too powerful? Not enough? I've been using the guidelines from DMG1 and DMG2.