View Full Version : Personalising your browser, background

2011-03-24, 10:13 AM
I just added a True Blood Persona to my browser and I'm quite happy with it. The desktop image is a composite of pictures of my kids and wife.
What do you guys do to give your PC some personal touches?

2011-03-24, 10:17 AM
My desktop image is a picture I took myself, usually it's picture I took on vacation of some kind of pretty building.
My browser persona is light purple with a blue bird and blue and purple swirls.
And my laptop is being kept from falling apart thanks to colourful tape.:smallbiggrin:

2011-03-24, 11:46 AM
I don't use a browser persona. I find them hideous. I hide most of the browsers widgets. To interact with my browser I use a plugin called pentadactyl. It makes everything into a keyboard command. There's a very steep learning curve, but if you don't like using a mouse it's worth it.

I don't use a traditional window manager either. Instead I have a program to fill the screen with my windows. If I have too many windows, it has a few methods for splitting the screen up among windows. It's entirely keyboard controlled, (are we noticing a theme here?). Because of this I don't even know what my wallpaper is - my screens are always full of applications.

I do have a couple lines of custom stuff on display. On my left screen is a list of all my workspaces, the name of the method currently splitting windows, the title of what I'm looking at, the song I'm listening to, volume, some usage stats, and the date. On the right monitor I have a line at the top that shows my agenda. It's automatically downloaded from google calendar and includes a countdown until the event starts. Dates change colors as the event approaches.

Here's a screenshot. It's not totally accurate as it shows some of my wallpaper. That's because work gave me two monitors of different sizes and when I take a screenshot, it still makes a rectangular image, filling in the left out bits with wallpaper.


2011-03-25, 05:40 AM
Enter the haggis?

Anyway, this was the shortest browser decoration ever because apparently I don't like looking at a picture of my favourite show when I have to work all day. So now we have blueish electricity, that should be neutral enough.