View Full Version : Motorcycles ITP II - Resurrection

2011-03-24, 01:59 PM
Since the last thread dropped off the front page and has been dead way longer than 6 weeks, here we go again.

I just got my bike, and I wanted to share my pride with y'all, brag around a bit etc. and hear about playground experiences with motorcycles in general.

Here's my baby:

And here's me on it:

2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6-R, 190 kg, 125 hp (92 kW). Got it relatively cheap. 7000 € with 5600 km to its name. maxes out at 289 km/h, although I'm too afraid to go faster than 180 for now.

And, for good measure, a question: What kind of tankbags/backpacks does the playground recommend for supersports? I'll need to transport an 11.6" netbook plus power supply, a bottle of water and some clothes for about 3 days in it, so I'm looking for 15 litres of holding capacity.