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This is a Prc for the Ozodrin (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153536) class by Owrtho (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/member.php?u=37721), many thanks to him for this wonderful piece of weirdness, and for his advice in building this prestige class.

This is my first attempt at homebrewing here, so please, PEACH

Conceptor's Advice: consult your GM prior to using this prestige class, some of its abilities may require additional work on his part (especially Dance of Madness effects and Spiral of the Labyrinth).

The Otherworldly Dancer


I dance for me,
Silent vibrations from within
Rhythm of the unseen,

I dance for me.
My steps follow their direction,
My heart-beat echoes their sound.

Some say I dance weird: they call me possessed.

If I dance raw, if I dance pure,
If I dance whirlwind, if I dance the spirits within,
No matter what them say,
I know I dance me.
I dance for me.


akachukwu chukwuemeka

While some of us are white or black swans, we all dance to the music.
The Otherworldly Dancer dances along to the tune of madness.
Its music is inaudible yet scary.
Its moves are impossibly flowing and strange.
Its steps blur the frontier between our world and the Far Realms...

Becoming an Otherworldly Dancer :
Characters embark on this path having already taken several ozodrin levels, so they are already used to feeling the effects of the Far Realms on our reality. However, as they come closer to obtaining the first levels of this class, they often seem lost in thought and frequently exhibit taking strange steps for no reason at all, doing moves that seem absurd, as if they were hearing music no one else hears (think about someone listening to an iPod and humming or vocalizing things, they do look weird, well this is the same, only in moves instead of sound). The character takes longer and longer break times just moving around and trying to do things that frequently result in them looking goofy or stupid. They might fall a volley of stairs because they tried to step up instead of down, appear to launch themselves on a wall or tree, resulting in 1d4 subdual damage, or suddenly falling prone for no apparent reason. This is caused by their hearing attuning to the sounds caused by the Pipers at the Gates of Reality. The Pipers are transdimensinal beings constantly playing music, but no sane creature can truely hear them. The Otherworldly Dancer's starts his carreer (ie: takes his first level) when he finally can hear them at all times.

Abilities: Manifest Form, Feature (Tentacle)†
Feats: Skill Focus(Perform)
Skills: Balance 8 ranks, Tumble 5 ranks, Perform(Dance) 5 ranks
Special: Bardic music ability OR Perform(Dance) 8 ranks
† Class feature from the ozodrin

Hit Dice: d6

Class Skills: The Otherworldly Dancer class skills are Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Hide (Dex), Knowledge (the Planes) (Int), Listen (Wis), Perform (Dance) (Cha), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Balance (Dex), Tumble (Dex), Jump (Str)

Skill Points: 4 + Int mod

The Otherworldly Dancer
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special
+2|Form Points, Features, Strange Movement, Menacing Demeanor, Did you hear that ?, Flowing Dance
+3|Music of the Spheres
+3|Dancing Anatomy
+4|Dancing Anatomy 2, Dance of Madness
+4|Dancing Anatomy 3, Spiral of the Labyrinth[/table]

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The Otherworldly Dancer gains no weapon or armor proficiencies.

Form Points (Ex): The Otherworldly Dancer has a number of form points equal to 3 times its class level that may be spent on features.

Features (Ex): The Otherworldly Dancer's class levels stack with its Ozodrin levels for determining what features and augments it has access to, as well as the number of feature granted attacks it can make in a round.

Menacing Demeanor (Ex): Ozodrin and Otherworldly Dancer levels stack for the purpose of determining the charactes Intimidate bonus.

Strange Movement (Ex): As the Ozodrin ability. Your Otherworldly Dancer, Ozodrin, and Bard levels all stack for determining your daily distance of strange movement.

Did you hear that ? (Ex): This ability has no effect on game play, but everyone within 30ft of an Otherworldy Dancer notices a bizarre hum, thud or whistle coming from nowhere in particular. A DC 25 Listen check confirms that there is something doing strange noises, but the source can never be discovered. A side effect is that people around the Dancer often have compulsive movements (like moving a foot up and down when sitting or rythmically tapping their fingers on a table).

Flowing Dance (Ex): The Otherworldly Dancer's signature ability, it enables the Dancer to seamlesly mix Manifest Form, Strange movement, Features changing, standard moves (up to the character's base speed), and Perform(dance) checks into a single move action. The maximum distance travelled can not exceed the character's base speed (whatever the movement mode as long as only one is used) plus the character's maximum Strange Movement distance. Usable a number of times equal to the Otherworldly dancer's level + its charisma bonus per day (minimum one), this can only be attempted using the Otherworldly dancer true nature, meaning if the dancer starts in worldy guise, it must manifest its nature during its Flowing Dance.
For example, during a single round, the character can effectively :
1-Flow dance to move, Manifest it's true nature, remove or change one Feature, then attack.
2-Flow dance to Manifest it's true nature (Will saves) and move, then Flow Dance to move and Suppress
3-Flow dance to move, Manifest it's true nature (Will saves), use a bardic music (using Perform(dance)) ability, then cast a spell.
However, the character cannot :
1-In his guise, Attack then Flow dance to move + Strange Move (he needs to manifest to qualify for Flowing Dance).
2-In his true form, Flow dance to suppress, use a bardic "dance", then Flow dance to use another bardic "dance" (again he needs to manifest for the second Flowing Dance).

Music of the Spheres (Su): By expending one use of the Flowing Dance ability, the Otherworldy Dancer can make a Perform (Dance) check to call upon the Otherworldly Pipers at the Gates of Reality to play along with his dance, allowing the music from the Far Realms to briefly penetrate our world. The Dancer's move are so bizarely gracious that the Pipers accompany its steps with a maddening tune, resulting in various effects for those who hear this tune and fail the required will save (allies and ennemies alike). Consult the table below to determine the effect obtained. The effect is always the one indicated by the highest DC beat by the Otherworldly Dancer's Perform (Dance) check, they are not cumulative, even when resulting from multiple uses from this ability.
IE : in a situation where a character has taken Int/Wis damage, he can no longer be affected by Music of the Spheres until this ability damage has been recovered. Similar rules apply to characters affected by Feeblemind, Daze or Confusion, they are considered immune to MotS until they recover from the condition.

Music of the Spheres effects
15+|Dazed for 1 round (DC 10+OD Level+CHA mod)
20+|Dazed for 1d3 round (DC 10+OD Level+CHA mod)
25+|Confusion (as per the spell, duration 1 round) (DC 15+OD Level+CHA mod)
30+|Confusion (2 rounds) (DC 15+OD Level+CHA mod)
35+|Confusion (3 rounds) (DC 15+OD Level+CHA mod)
40+|1d4 Int damage/1d4 Wis damage (DC 15+OD Level+CHA mod)
45+|1d6 Int damage/1d6 Wis damage (DC 15+OD Level+CHA mod)
50+|1d8 Int damage/1d8 Wis damage (DC 12+OD Level+CHA mod)
55+|Feeblemind, as per the spell (DC 15+OD Level+CHA mod)[/table]

Dancing Anatomy (Ex): As an immediate action, the otherworldy dancer can move a number of organs or feature, giving it the equivalent of light fortification (25% chance to negate critical hits/sneak attacks/precision damage) and the opportunity to move up to its OD level (3) features (for example if he has 2 mouths on each of his hands, he could immediately move them to his feet, head, or back)
This can only be used once per round.
At 4th level it gets the equivalent of heavy fortification (50% chance to negate), and the limit of moving features is now 2 time its OD level (8)
At 5th level it is immune to criticals/sneak attacks/precision damage, and the limit of moving features is now 3 times its OD level (15)

Dance of Madness (Ex): As a full round action, an Otherworldly Dancer can dance the Dance of Madness. It must do so in its true form, be using Dancing Anatomy this round, and have all of its form points invested in features, whatever they are. The Dance of Madness must last a full round, and is negated if the character needs to make a Save or takes damage. It requires a Perform (Dance) check versus DC 30. The Dance of Madness is so weird and bizarre to the eye that every non-mindless creature witnessing it has a chance to become stark raving mad. Each affected creature rolls a Will Save versus DC 15 + the OD level + the OD CHA modifier. A character that succesfully saves against this ability suffers no ill effect (except a general disgust for all weird jiggly things...) and can no longer be affected by this particular Otherworldly Dancer's Dance of Madness. Failure means the character goes mad for 1d6 rounds, roll on the following table. A check failed by more than 5 points means the duration is in minutes rather than rounds. A check failed by more than 10 points means the duration is in hours rather than rounds. Fumble (natural 1) on the Will save means the madness is permanent.

Dance of Madness effects
1-2|Catatonia (fall back in foetal position and drool)
3-4|Monomaniac (focus on something (shaving, washing, knitting, hunting, cooking or whatever, GM's choice), refuse to do anything but this activity)
5-6|Deep Depression (thinks he is unable to do a thing, whines and cries)
7-8|Schizophrenia (hallucinations, hear voices, GM's advice)
9-10|Psychosis (nervous breakdown, attack everyone in sight or try to attempt suicide, GM's advice)
11-12|Dissociative Identity Disorder (dual personality, GM's advice)
13-14|Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities, roll 2d4 for exact number, GM's advice)
15-16|Paranoļa (there are enemies lurking around the corners, this is one of the more manageable madness)
17-18|Acute Paranoļa (my friends are controled by <insert opponent here>, everyone is plotting against me, this might lead to turning against his allies)
19-20|Phobia (DM's choice, this is by far the lesser effect)[/table]

The madness is not magical by nature, so spells and effects such as cure disease, heal, major restoration, psychic surgery and of course wish/miracle, may be used on an affected character.

It is to be noted that becoming catatonic for days means risking death by dehydration/starvation...

Spiral of the Labyrinth (Ex): The final ability of the Otherworldy Dancer. This can be only be used once per day and absolutely no effects may raise this limit. Similar to the Dance of Madness, this ability can only be attempted in its true form, using Dancing Anatomy, and the Dancer must have all of it's form points invested in tentacle features and augments. The Spiral of the Labyrinth Dance must last a full round, and is negated if the character needs to make a Save or takes damage.It requires a Perform (Dance) check versus DC 35. The flaying tentacles of the Dancer fill the air (20' radius, not affected by the character's tentacle reach) in strange wavelike motions, and reality starts to ripples around them, revealing the alien walls of the Labyrinthine Spiral. The Spiral draws everyone in, sealing the fate of it's victims in the inescapable walls of the Neverending Labyrinth Spiral. Creatures in the area of effect need to make a Reflex save versus the Otherworldy Dancer's Perform (Dance) bonus*. A failed check indicates that the victim has been transported to the Neverending Labyrinthine Spiral, a special demiplane adjacent to the realms of madness. The victim is instantly considered native of this demi-plane, can't be raised or resurrected (since it's not dead) and shares his new dwelling with all kind of deranged creatures from a myriad of origins. For each day the victim spends in the labyrinth, it makes a will check (DC 32). Failure results in the same effects as Dance of Madness, except the duration is always expressed in days (except on a Fumble result, which is still permanent, stop rolling from there on). Success allows the victim a new save vs the Otherworldly Dancer's Perform (Dance) bonus to find an exit to the Labyrinth.
A successful Save against Spiral of the Labyrinth means the character is affected by the Maze spell (SR permitted).

* : Here we use the character's bonus, as in ranks + cha mod, meaning any bonuses coming from magical items, aid another etc. are excluded. GM's advice is necessary to rule which specific bonuses may be included (like synergy or other special bonuses)

Feats coming for this Prc, also some other Prc's might be posted in the next days

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**Reserved for Feats and/or future goodies**


Offensive Flowing Dance [General][Fighter]

Prerequisites : Flowing Dance Class Ability, BAB +6

Benefits : You may make a single attack with a melee or natural weapon at the end of your Flowing Dance. This is in addition to the traditional maneuvers included in the Flowing Dance and requires no additional action. Your opponent is confused by your strange movements and is considered automatically flat-footed as if you were acting before him in a surprise round.

Normal : You may only move or use the Perform (dance) skill while executing a Flowing Dance

Flowing Dance Pounce [General][Fighter]

Prerequisites : Offensive Flowing Dance

Benefits : You may make a full attack with melee and/or natural weapon(s) at the end of your Flowing Dance. This is in addition to the traditional maneuvers included in the Flowing Dance and requires no additional action. Your opponent is confused by your strange movements and is considered automatically flat-footed as if you were acting before him in a surprise round.

Normal : You may only move or use the Perform (dance) skill while executing a Flowing Dance

Arcane Flowing Dance [General]

Prerequisites : Flowing Dance Class Ability, Arcane Caster Level 3+

Benefits : You may cast any spell with an incantation time of 1 standard action at any time during your Flowing Dance. This is in addition to the traditional maneuvers included in the Flowing Dance and requires no additional action. Your opponent is confused by your strange movements and is considered automatically flat-footed as if you were acting before him in a surprise round.

Normal : You may only move or use the Perform (dance) skill while executing a Flowing Dance

** More to come **

Inspirational Illustrations

An otherworldly dancer (photo) (http://spc.fotolog.com/photo/28/47/69/dancetribal/1212429422_f.jpg)
Another dancer (drawing) (http://images.paraorkut.com/img/myspace/Evil_158966984_017-dsrk-gothic.jpg)

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Come on, please, 120 views and not a single comment, is it that bad ?

The Tygre
2011-04-01, 04:28 PM
I personally think its wonderful. Its a very creative concept, and your presentation was fantastic. Sorry I can't speak for mechanics, but I'm still under the belief that gaming 'balance' is determined by some method of black witchcraft. Anyways, great job!

2011-06-07, 11:05 AM
Thank you tygre, i'm myself at a loss as to how to rate this in terms of game balance, but i'm just letting the fingers flow while thinking of something i'd like to play :smallwink:

PS : Did any of you notice that this was a totally shameless *bump* ?

Gideon Falcon
2011-06-07, 02:18 PM
Basing the save DC's off of skill bonuses is a bad idea. Skill bonuses increase by 1 each level, and can get huge competence bonuses from items, while saving throws increase by one every two or three levels, and get smaller bonuses.

The standard formula for PrC abilities is DC 10 + PrC level + ability modifier, in this case charisma.

2011-06-08, 04:49 AM
Hi Gideon,

The use of the skill bonus is by design. But i heard you, and reworded it to specifically prevent magic item bonuses.

First this is a capstone ability, and as such should (imho) have a special DC (not the one used for ALL abilities of ALL creatures). One that is hard (but not impossible) to beat.

Second to precisely reward players investing in the skill.

Player's gets this ability at CL 10, by that time, average reflex save for monsters is +8. The player has max ranks (13) and a good cha (+6) which nets a DC 19, 50% chance of resisting.

By level 20, average monster ref save is around +19. Player has max ranks (23) and great cha (+12) netting DC35, 25% chance of resisting.

Compare that to the "standard" DC and you get 15+cha, so in the above examples DC 21 and 27, respectively 40% and 60% chance of resisting...

Tell me what you think, and thanks for the PEACH

2011-11-18, 12:25 AM
In an attempt to do this before joining the GitP I used a Chaos Beast with levels in bard. It was fun, but this will makes a lot more sense.

2011-11-18, 10:37 AM
Thanks Dr

I remember back in the days when madness was invented, and we used to be so much more creative back then, that you used to see people wearing napoleon outfits walking down every street...

Hey, this is my thread, go back to your own please !

Anyway, what was i saying ...

Oh yes !

Thanks for your kind words, inspired me to put up a couple more feats, feel free to ask for more :smallsmile:

2011-11-22, 01:01 PM
Here's an idea for a feat
Flirting from the Far Realms
Prerequisite:15 Cha, Manifest form
Benefit:You may make a Cha check to convince a member of any non-construct, non- undead race with 3 or more Int and any gender to join in a romantic relationship with without any penalty.
Special:There is actually no penalty for doing this, but your DM will totaly make one.