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2011-03-25, 06:16 PM
So, I've been debating how to do item shopping with my current group. Since 4e has the built in loss on selling/disenchanting items rather than using them, I decided that the Magic Mart, at least for low levels, is probably fine. Especially since I didn't want to go through the entire shopping list and either pick out a selection of items that are available for purchase in each town they wander through, or basically come up with any custom economy modifiers for every single town (too much workload). However, I do want to distinguish the different locations gear-wise, and reward players who hunt around for oddball shops and different places to buy thing. (I have some... let's call them "shopping oriented" players... for whom the finding and purchasing of gear is a highlight of the game, so I want to throw them a bone).

Because homebrew is more fun that digging through books, and because my players will appreciate a larger rather than smaller gear selection at each town, I've decided to handle this in the following fashion:

1) Any town has all the gear in the character builder below a certain level available for purchase. Unless otherwise noted, assume this is Lvl3 for now (players are currently Lvl1)
2) In addition, each town has a couple of unique magic items that are ONLY available in that one location! So look around, who knows what you'll find.

I wanted to start this thread by posting the magic items I have drawn up for the starting town. I think for most places there will only be 2-3 but as this is the "main" town for the start of the campaign I decided to create 5. It is my hope that in creating this thread I will attract both balance discussion on the items I do create, and other people can feel free to borrow/steal as needed.

2011-03-25, 06:17 PM
Shopping List for City #1: A City on the Frontier
(name removed cause my player know how to use google)

Survivalists Weapon + 1 - Lvl2 540GP
Weapon: Any Simple or Military
This practical weapon is rugged and easy to maintain. In addition, it has a simple magical charm built into it that promotes the same qualities in the weilder.
Critical: +1d6 damage and you gain temporary hit points equal to the enhancement bonus of this weapon.
Enhancement: +1 to attack and damage rolls
Property: You gain an item bonus to Endurance checks equal to the enhancement bonus of this weapon.

Amulet of Direction - Lvl2 540GP
Item Slot: Neck
It looks like a fairly common Amulet of Protection, but the blue gem at the center is actually a glass lens with an alchemical compass inside.
Enhancement: +1 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Property: You gain +5 to Nature rolls used to determine a cardinal direction or find a path.

Addergrease Gloves - Lvl3 680GP
Item Slot: Hands
The backs of these black leather gloves are treated with the same toxic substance as Addergrease Armor.
Power (Encounter): Minor Action. You apply the grease from the gloves to a weapon you are holding. The next attack with that weapon deals an extra 4 poison damage.

Weatherproof Hat - Lvl1 360GP
Item Slot: Head
This hat sheds water over a larger diameter than it's small, stylish brim would suggest, thanks to some minor magic woven into the band.
Property: You gain +4 to Endurance checks to endure extreme weather.

Alchemic Fizzer - Lvl1 40GP
This bubbly, translucent liquid is guaranteed to put a spring in your step and pep you right up, provided you're brave enough to drink an alchemical byproduct, that is.
Property(Consumable): Standard Action. You gain +1 to initiative rolls and +1 to Perception checks until the next time you take a short rest.

2011-03-25, 09:13 PM
I like the solution you came up with and the items so far look good to me. For some reason that Alchemic Fizzer actually sounds tastey... I think it might be funny if you described it as smelling terrible, but having a really refreshing flavour (such as smells like burnt onions, yet tastes like peppermint or something).

Fuzzie Fuzz
2011-03-27, 11:10 PM
I think this is a brilliant idea. I, too, have chosen the Magic Mart route for simplicity's sake, and my players don't even bother to go shopping, they just sort of... acquire items whenever they feel like it. I like the idea of having special "Easter eggs" if the players look hard enough in particular locations.

Somewhat tangentially, an idea I heard somewhere that I was thinking about incorporating into my game at higher levels (perhaps Paragon Tier) is a sort of magic catalog. A group of enterprising high-level wizards have started making a living by creating magic items and then teleporting catalogs all over the world. You fill out the included card with the names of the items you want, put it in the included envelope with the appropriate payment, and within 24 hours, the requested item is teleported to you. One could then, as the popularity of this service grows, start giving the players gift certificates as loot. This way, the players get the appropriate amount of magic without actually requiring the DM to pick out which magic items the players get. It also solves the problem of figuring out why a particular item was in a monster or NPC's possession, and why they didn't use it during the battle.

Mando Knight
2011-03-27, 11:30 PM
Like a Sears Roebuck of magic? Neat idea.

2011-03-28, 12:16 PM
The Mod They Call Me: This belongs in homebrew.

2011-03-30, 06:12 PM
The Mail Order items are too powerful. If your characters save up they could potentially buy items that are perhaps even a tier too high.

Fuzzie Fuzz
2011-03-30, 06:29 PM
...Then don't give them that much gold? It doesn't give them anything they couldn't get anyway. Don't make them proper gift cards, though. Word it so that it "entitles the bearer to one magic item of level X" or "one magic item at a price of X gp or fewer." It's true that you shouldn't be giving your players their magic items in the form of cash, but that's why the catalog is useful, because it allows a DM to get around that without having to either tailor the world's magic items to that of the players' needs or giving the players items they don't want.